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Beanstalk's 2013 Year-In-Review

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Beanstalk's Year-In-Review
2013 by the numbers & people

We're excited to continue our work with our Leaders in 2014. We're so thankful that you will be there with us, in action and in spirit. Last year was a big year for Beanstalk. We couldn't have positively impacted Colorado without you.

2013 in Review:

  • We issued a $73,000 loan (with help from the Fagnant family) to Blue Star Recyclers, allowing them to hire a new Program Coordinator, gain e-Stewards and R2 certification, and to begin further expansion efforts
  • We raised more than $70,000 (with your help) for Beanstalk Leaders
  • We helped make the holidays brighter for foster kids and veterans, and their families
  • We got Nick at Blue Star a safe, new forklift
  • We helped make it possible to renovate Hour Children's day care facility with new learning toys and equipment
  • We helped Candice and UrbiCulture Community Farms build a garden in Virginia Village
  • We got SAME Cafe an iPad
  • We helped women touched by cancer make the trip to the Courageous Women, Fearless Living retreat
  • We helped to keep St. Elizabeth's School's Strings Program thriving
  • We welcomed three "Beanstalk babies": one from Leader Susan Stocks, one from Leader Candice Orlando, and one from Ted's daughter Lindsay Stolberg-Heller
  • We added three new Beanstalk Leaders since our event: Jayme Ritchie, Pavel Reppo, and Catherine Matthews
It has been a big year. Thank you for your contributions, your support, and your community focus. 2014 is going to be a good year.

And now for some thank yous: 

Thanks to our Board: Jan West, Dan Hessey, Arthur Hundhausen, Travis White, Dan Rojas, Craig Smith, Jack Williams, Diana Crabtree Green, Peter Van Genderen, and Michele Assaf.
Thanks to our interns for 2013: Garrett Mayberry, Meg Stolberg and Justine Henderson.
And thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers: Antoine Valot, Dana Miller, Amy Smith, Michael Potts, Josh Gold, Nicole McWhirter, Fred Kaplan, Carmelita Galicia, Julia Richards, Phil Saieg, Leah Miller, Laura Dykstra, Izzy Sherwood-Reid, Kay Thresher, Talia Marciano, Kaye Johnson, Malachi Knauff, Rachel Hoffman, Tyler Freeman, Jean Hilgendorf, Daniel Hilgendorf, Regan Archibald, Pam Wendell, John Dehaan, Lindsay Stolberg-Heller, Julie Lapin, Devin Riles, Jennifer Archibald and Bob Archibald. (And if we missed your name, please forgive us.)
- Nate Ragolia
Photo by SJ Photography. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.