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Arts Street Youth Entrepreneurs Wrap-Up!

Field Notes
Arts Street Youth Entrepreneurs Wrap-Up!
Scenes from Arts Street's Clothesline Sale

Back in September, Stella Yu and the amazing artistic youth of Arts Street reached out for help to set up an entrepreneur program through which they would sell their work. While we didn't reach full funding, the results were remarkable nonetheless. Arts Street was able to use the $1300+ raised to have a Clothesline booth at the 16th Street Mall Festival of Arts. The booth allowed the youth to hang their artwork, and sell it to festival goers.

Importantly, it also provided the kids experience in talking to potential customers about their art, and gaining confidence to sell their talents. As a person of artistic ilk myself, the most difficult thing can be to offer up my work for judgment and critique. To sell one's work, well, that's something else entirely. Please take a moment to check out these other great photos from the Clothesline Booth. 

Thank you for your support!


Thanks for the shout out! How did you know we wear Hanes? :)