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Recognizing Tony Fagnant

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Recognizing Tony Fagnant
Qualtek CEO and Blue Star Recyclers Board Chair is all about community

One of our primary missions here at Beanstalk is to recognize incredible community members for their work and their dedication to making Colorado a better place to live, work, and play. The key to our philosophy lies in the truth that there are, surrounding each of us every day, truly remarkable individuals. Just because we don't know their names, or know what they do, doesn't mean they aren't there uplifting our neighborhoods from the inside out. They should, and often do, serve as role models for their peers (and any adjacent generations) because the message their actions carry is clear and inalienable: Doing good within your community makes your community happier, healthier and stronger.


Tony Fagnant, the CEO of Qualtek Manufacturing, is just such a guy. Tony is the Board Chair for Blue Star Recyclers and a founding member of InterQuest Rotary Club in Colorado Springs. He's also a loud supporter of the work Bill Morris has done to clean up our environment and create opportunity for overlooked populations. Tony deserves a round of applause for his work with Blue Star. He makes contributions of his expertise and knowledge, and he has never been shy to open his coffers and provide financial support. In Beanstalk's Loan Fund loan to Blue Star, Tony and his wife Mary stepped up as co-sponsors of the loan, investing $20,000 to ensure that Bill Morris's beautiful project grows and moves forward. 


From all of us at Beanstalk, and on behalf of everyone who has benefited from your generosity, thank you, Tony Fagnant. We're proud to count you among Colorado's truly remarkable people.


- Nate Ragolia

Cover image by Patrick Gage via Flickr. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.