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Kendis Paris

In Defense of Human Rights
Kendis Paris fights human trafficking by cultivating partnerships on the road

Very tall, blonde, intelligent and well-spoken, with a room-lighting smile, Kendis Paris is one of those people most of us would notice right away. She captures a space with her presence and holds it tight with her passion and grace. Kendis Paris can thrive in the limelight, and presents herself with the collected excellence of a news anchor or seasoned actor. Despite that, she’s most interested in what goes on in the shadows. And she’s most dedicated to the people who get lost in the dark.


Paris’s giving life has a lot to do with her beliefs. A dedicated Christian, Kendis Paris grew up learning through her family and church what good must be done in the world. She takes her faith and her compassion seriously, and it’s the source of and at the core of all she does (including her wicked sense of humor). It was her mother, Lyn Thompson, who raised her into a service life, and also came up with the basic mission Kendis now champions: End human trafficking by working with truckers to watch our highways.


On a Highway to Help

These days, as co-founder and Executive Director of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), Kendis puts the potent combination of commanding presence and a boundless passion for giving back to battle what she describes as modern slavery. By coordinating, networking and partnering with U.S. trucking companies, Kendis gives TAT a nearly panoptic view of the roadways, and can defend the hundreds of thousands of women, children and foreign nationals who are bought, sold and transported each year.


In her remarkable life, Kendis Paris is so many things from advocate to lobbyist to organizer to modern day abolitionist. Kendis was recognized as an Ashoka Fellow in 2013, and sits on the board for Denver Metro Crimestoppers. Most importantly, though, Kendis is an educator. She lives for each day where her knowledge, passion and faith can be passed on to another in the spirit of helping humanity. With her powerful leadership, Kendis hopes not only to rescue the defenseless women and children accosted by human traffickers, but to protect future generations from the atrocity. She’s crashing the black market with compassion and a smile. She’s making the highways safer. She’s saving lives.