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Kelly Causey

Straight to the Top
Kelly Causey leads Colorado Children's Campaign

Serving the community is a family legacy for Kelly Causey. She learned from her parents and grandparents the importance of volunteerism and the civic responsibility to help others. Those powerful role models led Kelly to a life through which she could positively affect people young and old. Kelly took those lessons to fortify her own foundation for giving back. She’s a rock - innovative, reliable, and charitable. She brings real solutions and stands strong in the face of adversity, always giving back in the end.


Kelly has worked with youth development agencies for more than 24 years. These days, Kelly is the CEO of Colorado Children's Campaign. Before that Kelly used her undergraduate degree in psychology in her role as a residential treatment counselor before working with the Mile High Youth Corps in 1992. She was one of its first crew leaders and served in various capacities for two years before  working for the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC). She served as an Assistant Regional Project & Training Director for four and a half years before coming back to MHYC to lead the agency. Kelly earned a Master's degree in Sociology and her Ph.D. in Health & Behavioral Sciences from the University of Colorado Denver. She has three publications and the focus of her dissertation was employability barriers facing high-risk youth.


Social justice and equality are values that Kelly holds dear. You can see her passion evidenced in her commitment to cultivating a society that works together to solve problems, and that holds all people close to help guide them toward opportunity. She believes in the democracy of helping each other. Of many there is one. For one problem, one troubled life, one deficit in a community, there are many solutions and by joining together, many great service-minded folks can make an incredible positive impact.


We are all participants in the places we live. Our neighborhoods are ours to enrich. Our cities are ours to celebrate and grow responsibly. And our next generations are ours to guide, mentor and empower. Kelly Causey sees a bright future for the community through positive youth development. She believes in the next generation. She’s there. She’s a steady, focused force for community service. She’s rooting for youth and teaching them. She’s passing that family legacy of service down through a multitude of channels. And she’ll always be one of the first to lend a hand when there’s work to be done.

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