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Jonathan Liebert

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Jonathan Liebert eyes social enterprise

Jonathan Liebert has always been interested in helping people.  From a young age, he found himself drawn to those that needed just a little more support than the average person.  When asked what profession he wanted to work in, he replied that he was not sure since “it has not been invented yet.”  Jonathan had an idea of what this looked like, but only partially, so he started his career in Psychology and began working with individuals suffering from mental illness, finding that they had a great deal of untapped potential and so very little hope for themselves to realize it.  Unbeknownst to him at the time, the social enterprise movement was just beginning to take shape and this business of the future would combine key elements that would create the type of change that Jonathan was looking for.  


Wired for the service industry, Jonathan delighted in the dimensions that social enterprise could add.  He could help create jobs for disabled and disenfranchised populations such as at-risk youth, disabled and homeless adults, formerly incarcerated persons, veterans, and individuals with a mental illness.  He could offer opportunities that would create economic benefit, and create hope and purpose for individuals frequently forgotten by society.  


Jonathan said it beautifully: “As more and more communities embrace this philosophy and more social enterprise businesses are created, we are strengthening the health and prosperity of communities by providing opportunities to those in need.”


Jonathan is the Vice President of AspenPointe Enterprises.  He is in the thick of creating opportunity in the Colorado Springs community and beyond.  He works to provide employment opportunities and services to seniors, persons with disabilities, youth and veterans.  Through social enterprise, Jonathan is able to serve and give back to his community.  It’s a method that he feels magnifies his contribution, and better still, sets a new bar for how businesses interact and participate in bettering society.  


Jonathan’s fire burns brightest when he’s serving people through AspenPointe.  Their persistence, resilience and courage inspire him.  And he uses that inspiration to fuel new, innovative ideas that combine business with mission to create impact on social issues. It’s a cycle that leads to new solutions, new opportunities, new mindsets and remarkable results.  Let’s hope that the businesses of tomorrow follow Jonathan’s lead because he’s clearing a path for a brighter world.

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