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past fundraiser
by Stella Yu
for Arts Street

Help urban students apply art, marketing and business skills

The Challenge:

The amazing Stella Yu and Arts Street are back with an innovative program engaging youth artists, and teaching them marketing skills that will promote successful futures! Stella needs your help to raise funds for art supplies and youth stipends so these exceptional young virtuosos in training can create artwork, market it, and sell it at the Arts Street booth during this September’s art festival in downtown Denver.

past fundraiser

Fund Izzy Abbass's project to build a resource website for Colorado veterans in higher education

The Challenge:

Colorado’s returning veterans, fresh from stints in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other points all over the world, find themselves in a uniquely difficult position when it comes to re-assimilating into civilian culture. Many of these men and women are returning home, 3 or 4 years out of high school, but with only life experience to their name. They are hungry to learn, and higher education is the gateway to the rest of their lives.

past fundraiser
by Bill Morris
for Blue Star Recyclers

Help Blue Star Recyclers get a new forklift, and make driver Nick's job safer

8.5.2013 - As promised last week, we at Beanstalk are pitching in the final $1,000 to help Blue Star reach its goal. With just over 3 days left, you can still give and know that your donations will support an exceptional cause. Thank you to everyone who has given and made this success possible!

past fundraiser
by Brad and Libby Birky
for SAME Cafe

Help Brad and Libby get iPad for SAME Cafe

7.29.13 - SAME's iPad Challenge is closed. Since they've reached their goal, and all the monies raised are essential "gravy" we're giving them a 100%. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

7.26.13 - We have a BIG announcement! Special thanks to Bill Morris, Blue Star Recyclers, and the Mac Superstore in Colorado Springs who have teamed up to provide SAME Cafe with an iPad! 

past fundraiser
by Ramsay Stabler
for St. Elizabeth's School

Help bring more instruments, art supplies, and instruction to children.

The Challenge:

A year ago, Ramsay Stabler set out to start a Strings Music Program at St. Elizabeth’s School. His first Challenge went spectacularly, exceeding its goal in about 24 hours. As a results, the wonderful, diverse and exceptional students of St. Elizabeth’s School got 20 violins, and an amazing violin instructor. The fundraiser even helped SES purchase a bevy of Orff Instruments for its other music classes!

past fundraiser
by Jim Tolstrup
for High Plains Environmental Center

Help HPEC create a multi-year Youth Farmer's Market program

5.13.13 - University of Colorado Health has generously pledged to donate two tents for the markets! We have amended the budget from $5,000 to $2,900 to reflect this amazing development! Thank you!

past fundraiser
by Devin Riles
for Troop 444

Get Troop 444 essential First Aid training and supplies

5.21.13 - We would like to thank Kristin McDonald and T2 Technologies for a generous $100 donation to this Challenge (seen at right).   

past fundraiser
by Adana Barbieri
for Courageous Women, Fearless Living

Pay Travel Expenses for CWFL scholarship attendees

The Challenge

Courageous Women, Fearless Living is a 5-day retreat that guides, teaches and empowers women who have been touched by cancer. The program provides attendees with life-long lessons and strategies to skillfully relate with fear, stress and pain, and to discover courage, relaxation and joy. Women from all over the world travel to attend the retreat here in the Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, but cancer can be incredibly expensive, even with insurance.

past fundraiser
by Candice Orlando
for Urbiculture Community Farms

UrbiCulture needs your help to build the Celebration Community Urban Garden

AMAZING NEWS! Celebration Community Church, who have already matched for $2000, are tossing an additional $1000 in the pot. They will use that money to match any donations that come in from now (when you got Candice and UrbiCulture to their original goal) until the challenge ends on May 6. Spread the word. All extra funds will make the garden better, enabling UCF to get more of the items listed in the Budget below.

past fundraiser
by Allen Smith
for Growing The Dream

Allen Smith returns to empower Montbello, Green Valley Ranch, and keep Dr. King's Dream alive

4.11.13 - UPDATE: Final event details are here.

                 Growing the Dream 2013 - Friday; May 3, 2013
                 6:00 - 8:00PM
                 Evie Garrett Dennis Campus, Bldg 1, West Commons
                 4800 Telluride Street, Denver, CO 80249

                 Entertainment and light hors d'oeuvres provided.

past fundraiser
for The Beanstalk Foundation

Give thanks with Beanstalk and support some of our great grassroots leaders this holiday season

12.17.12  Denise Lines and Growing Colorado Kids have reached their goal! They will have their Global Sun Oven! Thank you!

12.6.12    Cass Cronan and EarthLinks, Inc. have just be given a Stainless Steel work table by an anonymous donor! They have reached their goal!

12.1.12    Karel Horney and Adam's Camp have been gifted a second camera! They have reached their goal!

past fundraiser
by Susan Stocks
for Brunch With A Purpose

Brunch With A Purpose 2012 is on!

12.3.12 - As you can see, BWAP 2012 is already a MAJOR success. The folks at NetSuite's office in Denver have pitched in about $16,000! The Brunch also has a location, at the offices of PorchLight Real Estate at 8th and Broadway. Susan is hoping to sponsor as many as 80 kids this year! Check out for more info.