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We Don't Waste Put the Rubber to the Road

Put the Rubber to the Road!

Help We Don't Waste buy 4 new tires and keep their food delivery van rollin'

7.6.12 - We Don't Waste's challenge is now closed. Exceptional news: Due to some wonderful check donations, Arlan and team have exceeded the original $650 goal! They'll be ridin' safe and sound on 4 new tires, with money to spare for maintenance! Thank you to each and every contributor! This is the community good in action.

6.26.12 - Good News—Our Challenge to raise $650 for tires received an opportunity from a distributor we can’t turn down. If we raise an additional $200, we can put badly needed new tires on our van. Additional funds beyond this or the original goal will go toward vehicle maintenance, too.

The Challenge:

We Don't Waste, Denver's phenomenal food-saving, people-feeding organization, puts a lot of miles on their pick up and delivery van. They dart all over the city obtaining delicious quality food from events, venues and caterers that would normally go to waste and they bring it to the people who are hungriest and need it most. All that driving means their tires are showing some wear. Let's keep them rolling with a set of brand new tires so their mission never needs a break due to a flat tire... or worse.


How Much?




July 6th, 2012


We Don't Waste believes no one should go hungry.  There is good food available.  Everyday We Don't Waste distributes nutritious restaurant grade food to vulnerable populations.  They believe that we have a responsibility to find solutions to hunger and reduce food waste in a collaborative manner.

Part of that belief means We Don't Waste does a lot of traveling around Denver. There's a good chance you've seen their van with its iconic green and orange. In May alone, they distributed over 6 Tons of fresh fruit & vegetables and more. They have made so many deliveries with their van that they need new tires.


The Tires:

Quantity 4 - Size: LT 215/75R-15/6 tires @ about $160.00 each.


Additional Funds:

  • Funds not used for tires will be used for alignment, balancing and break check. 
  • Any excess funds will go toward gas and general maintenance of the vehicle.


Note: We Don't Waste really needs a refrigerated van or truck too, so feel free to give big or if you know of a source, contact us at and we'll send the leads on to We Don't Waste!


Cover Photo via Creative Commons. Some rights reserved byBob Jagendorf via Flickr

Challenge Leader

Arlan Preblud

Once, amid the fluttering, wind-blown papers of a law office, there sat a man who, his work all done, could have easily retired to a life of rest and leisure.

Project Info

We Don't Waste

We Don’t Waste is an innovative provider of food for the hungry. They collect unused food from venues, caterers, restaurants, and other food purveyors and distribute the food to Denver’s underserved populations.