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Urbiculture Community Farms Columbian School Garden Project

Help students rake in some healthful lunches!

Urbiculture Community Farms wants to teach students about healthful food through hands on gardening, and to start a summer education program!

8.23.12 Check out this Success Story from the Columbian Elementary Garden Project!

5.30.12 Carol Dawson would like to say: "I'm very grateful to Molly Ross for making a donation in my name. Thank you, Molly!"

5.28.12 We've hit our goal! Heck, we've gone over our goal by 5% so far. Thank you all so much! With a few hours to go until the challenge closes, what will happen?


The Challenge

  • Build a local, fresh food garden at Columbian Elementary School that will provide fresh produce for student lunches and families in the area.
  • Send 10 students to a new Columbian Summer Youth Corps, a summer program to teach kids how to build, cultivate and run their own garden for their neighborhood.
  • Employ and educate two (2) high school students as garden program managers.


How Much?

$3237.00 (detail below)



May 29, 2012


At Urbiculture Community Farms, we’re tired of kids being affected by processed food. We hear stories about school children not knowing that carrots have tops and grow in the ground or that ketchup is made from tomatoes and it makes us sick. So much food is now filled with multi-syllable chemical ingredients that we don’t even understand. And these diets are being linked to increases in cases of diabetes and obesity.

For our first Challenge of 2012 we aim to inspire and educate children about where their food comes from, and we want to make sure they have fun doing it! That’s why we’re building a school garden at Columbian Elementary School in Denver, CO. Columbian serves high-need populations, with 95% of students utilizing free or reduced lunches. The Columbian School Garden Project will give these kids and their families access to fresh, local food for home and for school lunches (Especially in the school’s new salad bar!). We’re including a youth run farmers market, too, that will provide entrepreneurial education to the kids.

But wait, there’s more! We want to provide a Columbian Summer Youth Corp gardening program for 10 elementary school kids from Columbian. We will offer students the opportunity to participate in creating their own sustainable food source - a 6,500 square foot schoolyard garden. By learning how to build their own garden from the ground up, youth will acquire the knowledge and skills associated with growing their own food and learn about the nutritional advantages that local, fresh produce offers over processed foods. In addition, students will learn the many aspects of organizing, marketing, and running a small, neighborhood-scale farmers’ market.

The Benefits


  • Increase number of children who receive healthful meals at school
  • Increase number of under-served Coloradans who have access to fruits and vegetables
  • Increase number of parents educated on nutrition-related preventive health care
  • Empower and educate a diverse group of young adults and children through job experience, leadership and training by allowing them to take care of the garden, choose where the food is donated and to run a mini farmers market.
  • Educate the community on the ecological impact of healthful food, eating locally and growing food without the use of pesticides and fertilizers.




Hiring Head Teacher of the Program (10 hours a week for 6 weeks at $20 an hour) $1200.00
Hiring two high school students to mentor the Columbian students (10 hours a week for 6 weeks at $7.64 an hour) $916.80
Tools, including shovels and trowels $100.00
Gloves for 10 students $50.00
Harvesting tools including scissors and containers $100.00
Curriculum books for teacher $50.00
First Aid Kit $50.00
Hand Washing Station $100.00
Farmers Market Materials (pens, bags, baskets, rubberbands) $50.00
Vegetable Starts and seeds used for learning landscape (2.50 x 50 for starts, 3.00 x 15 for seeds) $170.00
Compost and Soil for the learning garden $500.00

Grand Total for Youth Corps Program


**Cost to Sponsor 1 Student for Summer Program



Bonus Money Use and Long-term Goals:

  • The first $200 of extra funds will be put toward our next Challenge
  • Any additional extra contributions will go to pay high school student mentors for 4 months
Challenge Leader

Candice Orlando

Once upon a time there was a little girl. That little girl grew up as most little girls do. She played and she dressed up and she ran and she frolicked. She ate cookies and cakes and chips and sandwiches, and as she got older, she ate the things that were brought to her grocery store. She ate the foods that came in boxes and cartons and individual wraps of plastic. She defrosted and reheated and toasted and microwaved. And for that little girl, now grown into a woman, all was right with the processed foods and with the world.

Project Info

Urbiculture Community Farms

Urbiculture Community Farms has a multi-plot farm, using the repurposed lawns and yards of dozens of volunteers, to turn even the tiniest open spaces in Denver into places where food grows.