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Troop 444 Tents and Stoves

Make Troop 444's yearly camping trip a great one!

Devin Riles, Brian Vogt and Denver Botanic Gardens want your help to get new camping equipment for Troop 444

Update: Well, what can we say? We were able to purchase the tent and stove and are excited to test them out soon! With this project, the boys in Boy Scout Troop 444 collected cans to raise enough money to replace our aging cook tent and stove. None of this would have been possible without the help of Brian Vogt and the Denver Botanic Gardens, who not only recognized our project but helped us financially.

Through long years of use, Troop 444's cook tent has fallen into disrepair. With the help of Brian Vogt, CEO of the Denver Botanic Gardens, as well as the Beanstalk Foundation, the boys of Troop 444 are setting out to raise money to purchase a new cook tent and camp stove in time for their next week-long campout.

To receive the tent in time for the July 17 campout, the Troop 444 will have to finish fundraising by July 1.

Troop 444's cook tent is a hub for the scouts on their many campouts, and serves not only as a place to cook, but as a comforting shelter for the younger boys as they adjust to being in the outdoors.

For this project, Troop 444 is adding an environmental aspect to their fundraising. Each scout is responsible for recycling three dollars worth of aluminum cans to reach their cumulative goal of $200. For many of the boys, this is the first time they have thought about recycling, so the project is also a chance to learn about conserving the environment for generations of scouts to come!



Challenge Leader

Devin Riles

Devin Riles is a quiet guy. He’s not the kind to consider himself a hero. He’s just not that kind of guy. He’s as unsung as can be. And you’ll never hear him sing even a quarter-note about himself.

Project Info

Troop 444

Troop 444 is Littleton, CO's oldest Boy Scout troop. Largely outdoor-oriented, the Troop members test their Scouting skills against other Troops from the Denver area each year. Troop 444 is most proud of their Summer Camp Program. They’ve conducted their own week-long camp since 1964.