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Steamboat STARS

$2 532.00
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
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5 years 6 months ago
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We at the Denver Botanic Gardens are proud to support our coworker, Yvonne, and her wonderful volunteering with Steamboat STARS.

Seed funding: 

Let's get two new tents and a stove for Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports (STARS)!

Put good food in the bellies of athletes with disabilities

12.7.12 - Yvonne Garcia and Steamboat STARS have reached their goal! With 4 days left, you can still sweeten the pot. Additional fundings go to support their scholarship programs.

The Challenge:

We're investing in the participant experience at STARS annual Adaptive Ski Camp in Steamboat. We're offering skiers, snowboarders and sports-persons with disabilities of every season a couple of warm, sheltered places to hang out for lunch.   After a morning of exploring the beauty of a mountainous ski slope, STARS participants, some of whom are wheelchair bound, need somewhere to break bread. Plus, they need those tasty vittles to be hot and ready to eat, so in addition to two canopy tents, we're also buying an efficient 6-burner camp stove. These items will serve STARS participants for years to come, with at least 100 participants served in the first year. Both tents will be branded with logo printing for STARS to increase their visibility to program participants, raise awareness of this exceptional program, and encourage new volunteers, participants and donors.

How Much?



December 12, 2012


Leader Yvonne Garcia has been graciously and energetically cooking quality meals for STARS participants since 2010, and she knows first hand just how much of an appetite a day on the slopes can create. STARS challenges people with physical disabilities and gives them hope and inspiration at a time when they believe that it no longer exists. STARS isn't just about skiing, or providing a fun day in the snow for kids and adults who have lost arms, legs, or mobility. It's about providing a sense of normalcy, restoring a person's sense of adventure, and proving to all participants that they have the strength and the spirit to do just about anything.


The tents and stove will directly benefit 100 STARS participants at January 2013 STARS Camp with years of service to follow.


The Budget:

2 Caravan Traveler 10 x 10 Canopy Package Deal + 4 Sidewalls (incl. Shipping)


Graphic Printing (roof and sidewall logo printing, incl. Shipping) $1381.50
Partner Steel 6 Burner 7" x 16" x 26" Camp Stove       $488.00
Stove Stand (incl. Shipping) $122.00
GRAND TOTAL $2531.40


Bonus Money Use

  • Any donations received in excess of the $2531.40 goal will be invested in the STARS scholarship fund to help participants who need extra help to pay for the camps.


Photos courtesy of

Challenge Leader

Yvonne Garcia

On naval vessels, the cook is an extremely important crew member. The cook is managing the appetites and gastronomic joys of a crew who spends days and weeks together working hard in the tight and confined space of a large ship.

Project Info


STARS helps persons with disabilities reach places they never thought possible, enriching and empowering their lives through sports. STARS is an acronym for STeamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports, and they do more than winter sports.