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St. Elizabeth's School Arts 2013

Support St. Elizabeth's School's Arts Programs!

Help bring more instruments, art supplies, and instruction to children.

The Challenge:

A year ago, Ramsay Stabler set out to start a Strings Music Program at St. Elizabeth’s School. His first Challenge went spectacularly, exceeding its goal in about 24 hours. As a results, the wonderful, diverse and exceptional students of St. Elizabeth’s School got 20 violins, and an amazing violin instructor. The fundraiser even helped SES purchase a bevy of Orff Instruments for its other music classes!

This year, Ramsay is back with a new goal. Help him raise $10,000 for St. Elizabeth’s School to retain phenomenal, renowned violin instructor Cynthia Katsarelis for another year ($6000) and to buy African and other exotic drums for the music program ($2000). The final $2000 will go toward purchasing kiln and ceramics materials, a large paper printer, a camera for the art room, and sewing machines for St. Elizabeth’s School’s arts programs.


How Much?




June 25, 2013



  • 20 enthusiastic violin students will continue to receive EXPERT instruction from Cynthia Katsarelis.
  • St. Elizabeth’s General Music Program gets drums for the young Meg Whites, Dave Grohls and Ringo Starrs!
  • PLUS: St. Elizabeth’s School adds even more for their students!


Extra Funds Use:

Any funds raised over their $10000 goal will support will support the school's ongoing efforts to keep music and the arts as central parts of our children's lives



2 Semesters of Instruction by Cynthia Katsarelis - $6,000

African Drums - $2,000

Kiln and ceramics materials, a large paper printer, a camera for the art room, and sewing machines - $2,000

TOTAL - $10,000

Challenge Leader

Ramsay Stabler

Oh, if Ramsay Stabler could wave a wand and cast a magic spell, his wouldn’t be a spell to give himself immortality, or a spell to make himself bigger or stronger.

Project Info

St. Elizabeth's School

Denver’s St. Elizabeth’s School emphasizes inclusion through a unique tuition and enrollment program.