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St. Elizabeth's After School Program

$9 500.00
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
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3 years 6 months ago
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Paul made a donation through Colorado Gives to St. Elizabeth's After School Fundraiser. 


Seed funding: 
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Andrew made a donation to St. Elizabeth's School After School Fundraiser through Colorado Gives.

Beyond the Classroom

Help St. E's raise $9500 to support our after school programs


The Challenge:

At St. E's we seek to graduate students who are not just academically excellent, but also well-rounded, confident, and complete individuals. We strive to uphold the 6 C's in every aspect of our programs: Character, Collaboration, Creativity, Cross-cultural Competency, Critical Thinking, and Communication. These are the skills that our children need to navigate and succeed in this quickly changing world.*
*The “6 C’s” are the key competencies that have been identified by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) that all of our children will need to succeed in the future. NAIS has over 1500 private schools in its membership throughout the world. 
In the past:
• We have launched a Strings Music Program with that in mind.
• We brought new technology into the classrooms with that in mind.
• We expanded the music program, adding other arts enrichment... all to strengthen the 6 C's.
Now, we want your help in supporting our dynamic and broad after-school program, giving all our 114 students an opportunity for new experiences in music, art, cooking, debate, a variety of sports, the school newspaper, drama and more.

The Impacts:

• Support of this year’s Beanstalk challenge will allow us to offer these exciting programs to all of our children, regardless of their ability to pay. No child or family will have to opt out of these great activities for financial reasons.
• Your funds will support our hard working teachers who will be going above and beyond their already impressive commitments to our kids to offer these great opportunities.
• Your support will give hard working parents the chance to log a couple of extra hours of their own work, knowing that their children are also “gainfully employed” and are not just “hanging out.”
We need your help to raise $9,500 in the next month! Since we are still in a "growth" mode at SES and our mantra for these kinds of programs has been, "If you make a compelling case that we should offer a certain enrichment activity and can show there is enough interest, we will make it happen!" we are intentionally nimble and fluid. The general breakdown of our needs for this fundraiser are: 

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November 26, 2014
Challenge Leader

Ramsay Stabler

Oh, if Ramsay Stabler could wave a wand and cast a magic spell, his wouldn’t be a spell to give himself immortality, or a spell to make himself bigger or stronger.

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St. Elizabeth's School

Denver’s St. Elizabeth’s School emphasizes inclusion through a unique tuition and enrollment program.