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St. Elizabeth's 20 Violins

Help Kids Make Sweet Music Together

Join Ramsay Stabler in bringing 20 violins to the students of St. Elizabeth’s School!


3.4.13 A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hanging out with some of St. Elizabeth's students while they practiced/learned their violins. Check out the special Thank You video above. - Nate

5.7.12 @Karen Krall: We'll be working with Ramsay and St. Elizabeth's to bring you follow-up video just as soon as the violins are ready, in-tune, and the students are comfy playing! - Nate Ragolia, Beanstalk


5.1.12 In RECORD TIME, we met our initial modest goal! St. Elizabeth's has more needs in the music world! This isn't over:

  • One hour of additional instruction for 20 students is $50.

  • Our general Music Program is in desperate need of those hugely expensive Orff instruments: large and small xylophones, bells, glockenspiels, metallophones, and more.

  • A set of bells, one that would be dynamic runs about $770.

  • A xylophone can cost up to $1500.

  • A metallophone averages a cost of $400.

With your help, we can give St. Elizabeth's students a gift of music that lasts for years!

I thank you in advance for your donation today.

Best, Ramsay

The Challenge

Let’s buy 20 violins and professional instruction for eager music-loving students at St. Elizabeth’s School


How Much?




June 5, 2012


There’s no arguing the positive impact that music education has on a child. Studies show that just listening to Classical music as a child increases cognitive abilities, including critical thinking. Playing music offers even more value to a child, developing language skills, spatial thinking, reasoning, mathematics and can even teach empathy and compassion. Students who play music in school are likelier to achieve higher grades and tend to do better on standardized tests than their non-musical peers.

Knowing the impact that playing music has had on my life (I sang in high school and college; played the sax in my forties; I even started playing the cello when I was 55 and over these last few years I’ve found the experience to be invaluable and fulfilling.) I want the great kids who go to St. Elizabeth’s to have an even greater chance to touch music and be in turn touched by it. Our students are excited to begin a strings music program, and with 20 violins we’d be able to engage kids from numerous socioeconomic backgrounds in something truly beautiful, creative and self-affirming.

By instituting a classical music program, we’ll make St. Elizabeth’s stronger, too, offering greater opportunities to some excellent young folks, while also instilling in them the knowledge that anything is possible.



20 Student Violins, bows, cases and accessories

60 hours of professional instruction


The Price

20 Violins with bows and accessories ($200/each) $4000.00
30 weeks of Instruction (2 hours/week at $50/hour) $3000.00
Total $7000.00


Bonus Money Use & Long-term Goals

  • Any bonus or additional funds from this Challenge will go toward the strings music program, purchasing additional hours of instruction.
  • St. Elizabeth’s will be opening a new campus, just a few blocks away, for Fall 2012 and we will be working to beautify the school buildings.
Challenge Leader

Ramsay Stabler

Oh, if Ramsay Stabler could wave a wand and cast a magic spell, his wouldn’t be a spell to give himself immortality, or a spell to make himself bigger or stronger.

Project Info

St. Elizabeth's School

Denver’s St. Elizabeth’s School emphasizes inclusion through a unique tuition and enrollment program.