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Produce for Pantries “We Plant, We Grow, We Share." Campaign

$3 000.00
Start date: 
Thursday, May 1, 2014
End date: 
4 years 2 weeks ago
Match funding: 
$1 000
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Grow Local proudly supports the "We Plant, We Grow, We Share" campaign and the work of Produce for Pantries!

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Beanstalk Foundation is proud to support P4P and the Local Food movement!

Have you heard? Local Food is the FUTURE.

Pitch in to help Produce for Pantries engage Colorado gardeners to donate fresh produce to those that really need it.

The Challenge: 

Hunger is a serious issue for too many Coloradoans. Every day tens of thousands of our neighbors struggle to put food on the table. At the same time, many of us grow healthy, beautiful produce in our backyards, and in school and community gardens. How can we connect the two and get more of that nutritious food to those that need it—and make it easy? Think Produce for Pantries. Produce For Pantries encourages gardeners to donate their fresh produce to food pantries and hunger-relief organizations in their neighborhoods.
It’s possible that you haven’t heard of Produce for Pantries*, and that’s why we’re here. 
We’re raising $3,000 to help Produce for Pantries create an inspiring and creative campaign that will open new eyes to the issue of hunger and food insecurity in our neighborhoods. The campaign will also demonstrate how school, community and home gardeners can contribute to addressing hunger by donating garden-fresh produce to local food pantries. Come help us in getting healthy and sustainably grown produce to our neighbors who need it most. Help us create a network of engaged gardeners all across Colorado that can proudly say, “We Plant, We Grow, We Share.”
*Produce for Pantries is a collaboration that includes Livewell Colorado, Hunger Free Colorado, Grow Local Colorado, Slow Food Denver, Denver Urban Gardens, Plant a Row for the Hungry, Metro CareRing, Cooking Matters, No Kid Hungry, Denver Food Rescue, Denver Yard Harvest, The Table, St. John's Episcopal, the Beanstalk Foundation, Brighton Shares the Harvest and Food, Faith and Family.

How Much?



June 2, 2014


  • P4P increases fresh produce contributions to local food pantries
  • School, community and home gardeners can more easily share their excess fresh produce
  • Colorado sets a tone against hunger and for local food production




Billboards $1000
Posters/Flyers $700
Graphic Design $500
200-300 Garden Signs (for school, home and community gardeners)
TOTAL $3000


Challenge Leader

Dana Miller

Dana Miller was born-and-raised in Denver. She’s an original, tried-and-true native. The travel bug bit her early in life. Dana dreamt of visiting exotic locales, overlooking brilliant vistas and living the jet-set lifestyle. In typical Dana Miller fashion, she did it.

Project Info

Produce for Pantries

Produce for Pantries unites the best and brightest of Denver’s fighters for healthier lives and sustainable foods. The superheroic superteam includes: Grow Local, Cooking Matters, Plant a Row for the Hungry, St.