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HPEC Youth Markets

$2 900.00
Start date: 
Monday, May 13, 2013
End date: 
4 years 12 months ago
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Seed funding: 
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We are proud to provide $200 seed funding to Garth's challenge.

Seed funding: 
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CanDo Fort Collins proudly provides $550 to match community donations.

STOP Childhood Obesity!

Help HPEC create a multi-year Youth Farmer's Market program

The HPEC Campus beneath Colorado's big blue sky.

5.13.13 - University of Colorado Health has generously pledged to donate two tents for the markets! We have amended the budget from $5,000 to $2,900 to reflect this amazing development! Thank you!

The Challenge:

High Plains Environmental Center's Garth Bontrager needs your help to create a Youth Farmer's Market program. The program will act on the front lines to combat Childhood Obesity through education and a Student-run Produce Market. In previous years, Garth and HPEC's farming team have worked with kids, adults and volunteers from throughout the community, and this Market program will provide a multitude of amazing services to its participating students and youth:

  • Teach students to advocate for their health.
  • Organizing the growing, harvesting, cooking and distribution of fresh local food.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of activity, nutrition, and community service through our Seed-to-Service action.
  • Measured students’ physical activity, skill level, and how much food served to the community.
  • Encouraged self assessments of new skills, and also test students on their knowledge of nutrition, food pathways, cooking, marketing, organization, inventory and money.
  • Students will share their knowledge with their customers.

HPEC has facilitated over 100,000 pounds of fresh produce donations from their gardens in the last 4 years while engaging in 5000 fun, curriculum-driven activities with students. Youth markets allow them to expand the intention of their distribution streams, and continue their wonderful academic outreach.


How Much?

$5,000 $2,900



June 24, 2013



  • About 30 11-15 year old students will learn job skills, social skills, and practice academic lessons in real life situations.
  • 800+ persons will benefit from food, education and community experience at the markets.
  • Tools and equipment will be used within the program for years to come.



Item Additional Information Price
Office Supplies cards, art supplies, paper, plastic sleeves, journals, clips, wire $100
Professional Banner two 3' x 8' youth market banner signs



two 10' x 10' tents


Tent Supports

weights, tarps for sidewall, bundgee cords


Youth Market Start Up Costs Includes vegetables, display items, baskets, bowls, crates, table covers, tables $400
Coolers For produce transport $500
Gift Cards For temporary student workers $300
Kitchen Supplies knives, boards, strainers, bowls, tools, basic larder spices, oil, vinegar, dairy, grains $250
Student Stipends Student interns receive $12/weekly/2 day weeks guaranteed $720
Garden Tools Program specific, American-made (when available) $500




Extra Funds Use:

Excess funds will be used to build a seed library so we can offer locally adapted seeds for sale at our markets, and use those seeds to grow more produce and run more educational programming.


Cover photo by petyr.rahl via Flickr. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.

Challenge Leader

Jim Tolstrup

The best way to understand why Jim Tolstrup does what he does is to stand outside in a field of grass on a cool morning. Feel the breeze. Smell the sweet clarity of the air. Listen to the birds and insects and rustling of the grass. Taste your cool breath as you exhale.

Project Info

High Plains Environmental Center

The High Plains Environmental Center was conceived in 2001.