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Growing The Dream 2012

$7 000.00
Start date: 
Sunday, November 27, 2011
End date: 
6 years 4 months ago
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Vollmer's Bakery has offered to donate some of their world-famous cheesecake. Mmmmm!!!

Grow Dr. King's original dream! Bring neighbors in Green Valley Ranch and Montbello closer!

We're holding an event on January 16, 2012 to honor the community members of Green Valley Ranch and Montbello and to recognize our growth–together–as a strong community.

Update: We reached our goal! AND the event was a great success! Check out John Hope Bryant's speech in the Beanstalk News, under Success Stories. Thank you all so much!


This event will foster the communities of Green Valley Ranch and Montbello by bringing together community, education, and business leaders with residents of the neighborhoods. We will host 150 people to link all aspects of our neighborhoods together, raising awareness for each other, our families and our businesses, while creating stronger ties between each neighbor.

The event will honor leaders from each of these communities. We would like this to become an annual event, and honor and invite a larger, more inclusive group of people each year.

Oakwood Homes, Gateway Park Dental and Cosmetic Dentistry, and Li'l Teeth Dentistry have agreed to sponsor this event. In addition to their gifts, we hope to raise additional funds from our community.


  • Food and Table Settings - $3000
  • Venue at the Evie Dennis Campus - $500
  • Publications - $800
  • Awards for Community Members - $300
  • Cost for Professional Speaker - $2400

Total - $7000

This is an idea I've had for a while. As Executive Director of the Denver Turnaround Program, a minister at the Denver Rescue Mission and through the Lowry Community Christian Church, I have wanted to hold an event to honor the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. in building the dream of a united and diverse community for our children.

Challenge Leader

Allen Smith

Allen Smith took his incredible vision to North Carolina in June of 2013. His Growing the Dream event dazzled there in February 2014. Below is a profile written before Allen left Denver.

Project Info

Growing The Dream

Growing The Dream is an MLK Day held in North Carolina. It was created and originally held in the Montbello and Green Valley Ranch neighborhoods of Far Northest Denver.