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Together, we raised $15,013(107% of our $14,000 target.)

let's break it down:

88 community members gave about $102 each, for $9,013 in total Community Contributions.

Beanstalk Foundation seeded this fundraiser with $1,000. Lynn Quigley matched $5,000. Together, our wonderful partners gave $6,000.


what people say:

The Junior Board at Hour Children is thrilled to have exceeded our fundraising goal and to know that the children of Hour Early Learning Center, Hour Children’s fully licensed daycare facility, can look forward to an upgraded space to play and learn. We have been so inspired by this experience and are overwhelmed by the generous support shown by our community, friends and family.
Mahua Thakurta - Hour Children Junior Board
The Junior Board really engaged a lot of their friends and in addition to having the resources to spruce up the daycare center, Hour Children has an expanded group of younger supporters – success in every way!
Alessandra Rose - Hour Children

Beanstalk's take:

A paper mailing to Hour Children's contacts and subscribers was sent to 5790 people and arrived in homes around March 1, 2013.


Hour Children's challenge to renovate their Hour Early Learning day care facilities was a complete success. The organization, along with their Junior Board, engaged donors through paper mail, e-newsletters, Facebook and Twitter, and even through an innovative Happy Hour gathering where potential donors received a print card with information on the need and how to support the challenge. Donors from all over the country united to make a safe, new and educational space possible for the children of incarcerated and recently released women. Match funder and Champion Lynn Quigley put up $5000 at the beginning of the campaign, giving Hour Children great ground to build upon.

how we reached out:

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how it brought us closer together:

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community impact results:

  • At least
    parents and children
    will benefit from affordable, high-quality day care in 2013 and years beyond.