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Blue Star Forklift

$15 000.00
Start date: 
Monday, July 8, 2013
End date: 
4 years 10 months ago
Donation Product: 
Seed funding: 
$5 000
Partner message: 

Darlene and Scott Allen are proud to contribute a $5000 seed donation to Blue Star for Nick's new ride.

Partner message: 

We are proud to support the exceptional, community-connecting, earth-friendly work of Blue Star Recyclers.

Seed funding: 
$1 000

Give Nick a Lift!

Help Blue Star Recyclers get a new forklift, and make driver Nick's job safer

8.5.2013 - As promised last week, we at Beanstalk are pitching in the final $1,000 to help Blue Star reach its goal. With just over 3 days left, you can still give and know that your donations will support an exceptional cause. Thank you to everyone who has given and made this success possible!

The Challenge:

At a recent Blue Star Recyclers event, about 260 car loads brought in more than 25,000 pounds, yes pounds, of electronics waste. Since 2010, Blue Star has recycled more than 3.6 million pounds of e-waste. Blue Star, and their amazing team of gifted employees with disabilities work tirelessly to ensure that each computer, TV, and any other electronic component is properly disassembled and ethically recycled. They are at the forefront of protecting our state, and ultimately, our planet. And all those tons of electronics don't move themselves...

Forklift driver Nick, who carts each load with care and precision, has been using Blue Star’s 22 year-old forklift for years. As aging machines do, it keeps breaking down. Repair costs have mounted and recently, their trusted mechanic told Blue Star that it’s time to get a new one. This is Nick's job, his pride and his joy. It's time to make sure his ride is up to par, and SAFE. And to ensure that Blue Star Recyclers can continue to efficiently process e-waste to make Colorado greener.


How Much?




August 9, 2013



  • Blue Star Recyclers can move thousands of pounds of e-waste to be recycled, without a forklift, they cannot work
  • Nick (the forklift operator) gets a safe, new ride


Extra Funds Use:




$15,000 to purchase a "new" used forklift


Challenge Leader

Bill Morris

When making plans in life, it’s not uncommon to hear about the importance of the “two pictures”: big and small. Tricky thing is, it’s hard to look at both at the same time.

Project Info

Blue Star Recyclers

Blue Star Recyclers, in Colorado Springs, takes on the difficult and highly necessary task of recycling electronics.