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Beanstalk's Giving Thanks Holiday Super Challenge

Make a Beanstalk Leader's wish come true!

Give thanks with Beanstalk and support some of our great grassroots leaders this holiday season

12.17.12  Denise Lines and Growing Colorado Kids have reached their goal! They will have their Global Sun Oven! Thank you!

12.6.12    Cass Cronan and EarthLinks, Inc. have just be given a Stainless Steel work table by an anonymous donor! They have reached their goal!

12.1.12    Karel Horney and Adam's Camp have been gifted a second camera! They have reached their goal!

11.30.12  Dana, Barbara, and Grow Local have hit their mark! They will get their drip line for Urban Peak for the holidays!

11.26.12  Ramsay Stabler and St. Elizabeth's have reached their Wish List goal!

                 Karel Horney and Adam's Camp have acquired 1 camera, with 1 to go!

The Challenge:

This is the time of year for giving thanks. Beanstalk needs your help to make some of our Leaders' holiday wishes come true. Below you will see a Wish List with items requested by our Beanstalk Leaders. You can donate dollars toward any of the items below, and with some, you can even bring the item itself for donation to the Beanstalk Offices. ***Only items marked with a (D) can be dropped-off. So, check out the list below, put on your Giving cap, and give one of our exceptional Leaders a happy holiday treat.

Note: Once an item goal has been met, it will be crossed off on the list below with a strikethrough.


How to Donate Money:

If you wish to donate dollars toward a Leader's Wish List item, make your donation In Honor Of and then enter either the Leader's Name or the Organization's Name. This will help us keep track of who gave to what, so we make sure every Wish List item gets its due. Note: If you don't mark your donation with a Leader or Organization Name, we will contact you by phone or email to clarify.


How to Donate An Item:

If you wish to donate an item from the Wish List in person, please contact Nate at


The Wish List:


Ramsay Stabler with St. Elizabeth’s School - $250 for software to support St. Elizabeth's Computer Literacy and Typing program.

***Due to compatibility concerns, please make financial donations only.


Denise Lines with Growing Colorado Kids - 1 Global Sun Oven (Valued at $285 including shipping)  (D)

Karel Horney with Adam’s Camp - 2 Nikon Coolpix L26 with AA-sized batteries ($119 each)  (D)

***Adam's Camp would also like 2 AA Battery Chargers and 2 Memory Cards for the cameras (at the donor's discretion).


Jim Tolstrup with High Plains Environmental Center - $250 for trees, native shrubs, fruits and perennials for new 6-acre garden. Additional donations buy more plants. "Bring HPEC a Shrubbery!"



Stella Yu with Arts Street - $220 for one month of Adobe InDesign CS6 on 11 classroom computers, or $699 for a full license  (D)



Barbara Masoner & Dana Miller with Grow Local Colorado - $250 for a drip line for Urban Peak’s garden

***Grow Local also requests the volunteer services of a Plumber, who could install the drip line. Contact Nate at Beanstalk if you have the credentials.



Bill Morris with Blue Star Recyclers - Bill and his Blue Star team is requesting that you donate any unwanted computers (laptops, desktops or servers) for the holiday season.

***Blue Star will use their hard-drive shredder (normally a $5 charge) on every donated machine to ensure your data remains safe and permanently deleted. Note: if you have monitors or other computer accessories, Blue Star will be hosting an event in January at SAME Cafe to collect those items. Blue Star will also accept monetary donations.



Damon McLeese with Access Gallery - 3 Canon Selphy Wireless Compact Photo Printers ($99 each)  (D)



Arlan Preblud with We Don't Waste - Support We Don't Waste's mission by gifting them a "Food Rescue and Service Supplies Pack"

You can drop-off (D) any of these items at Beanstalk, or you can donate toward them. The assembled pack below runs about $250.

  • 1/2 Size Deep Steam Table Pans (boxed in packs of 100) - $30

  • 1/2 Size Deep Steam Table Pan LIDS - $25

  • Full-size Deep Steam Table Pans (boxed in packs of 50) - $55

  • Full-size Deep Steam Table Pans LIDS - $40

  • Handi Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty 18" x 500-ft - $50

  • Food Service Film Roll 24" x 2000-ft - $40



Cass Cronan with EarthLinks, Inc. - High-quality stainless steel work table 24" x 48". ($250 - $400) (D)

***Cass and EarthLinks will happily accept a USED table of high quality, too, if you have one.




Cover photo by duane.schoon via Flickr. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.

Photo for St. Elizabeth's School wish list item by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.

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