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AUL College and Career Opportunity Fund

$7 500.00
Start date: 
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
End date: 
3 years 1 month ago
Match funding: 
$7 500
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Jared Polis Foundation is proud to support Academy of Urban Learning by matching donor contributions 1-to-1 up to $7500!

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We are proud to pitch in for education, opportunity and bright futures!

Seed funding: 
$3 230
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This is the additional unmatched funding given by Jared Polis Foundation as part of their $7500 match.

Help AUL build a College and Career Opportunity Fund

We're raising $7500 to help new AUL grads make the leap from education to opportunity.


Jared Polis Foundation is matching all donations 1-to-1, up to $7500!


The Challenge:

Academy of Urban Learning is a small charter school that addresses the needs of students experiencing the challenges of homelessness and other unstable living situations. Now in its tenth year, AUL has established itself as a champion for at-risk youth struggling with unconventional backgrounds. In the 2014 - 2015 school year, they serve 111 students. 

The AUL College and Career Opportunity Fund will provide traditional and non-traditional support scholarships to AUL graduates. Grads pursue post-secondary options from 4-year universities to community colleges, cosmetology, nursing, or other trade schools. Most AUL grads are without supplemental supports, making it difficult to remain in college or a trade program to successfully graduate. AUL will provide support services to graduates from the College and Career Opportunity Fund. Let's raise $7500 to make AUL graduates' lives better!

Categories of support include: Tuition, Housing/Furnishings, School Supplies, Clothing, Testing/Licensing Exams, Medical, Employment, Food, and more.


How much?




May 15, 2015


Approximate Costs of specific support:

  • $25 Bedding, towels
  • $25 Hygiene supplies
  • $75 Interview and employment attire
  • $50 Printer, Computer Supplies, School Supplies
  • $60 Monthly bus or transit pass for commuting student/grad
  • $100 CNA, Cosmetology, or other state Licensing examinations and study materials
  • $100 Eye exams and a pair of glasses
  • $150 Textbooks/semester/student
  • $300 Monthly groceries
  • $500 Laptop computer
  • $1000 One semester tuition at local community college
  • $2500 One semester tuition at Metro State College of Denver



  • Roughly 25 AUL grads receive essential support to continue their academic success and turn it into real world opportunity
  • Grads enter the community workforce, contributing and breaking the cycle of homelessness and welfare program enrollment
Challenge Leader

Katie Symons

“If I can't pay it forward in this lifetime, there's really not a whole lot of point to me being on this earth,” Katie Symons wrote on her Beanstalk Leader application. It’s a powerful ultimatum to place on one’s own life, but Symons does it with a knowing smile.

Project Info

Academy of Urban Learning

The Academy of Urban Learning (AUL) is a Denver Public Schools' charter school that caters specifically to youth and younger adults in Denver (ages 16 - 21), working through grades 9 - 12, who are in at-risk, impoverished, and facing other difficult situations.