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Arts Street Youth Entrepreneurs

$2 000.00
Start date: 
Thursday, August 1, 2013
End date: 
4 years 8 months ago
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Stella Yu and Arts Street had a remaining balance of $63.75 from their previous Challenge, and have chosen to apply it to this current Challenge.

Forge Young Entrepreneurs!

Help urban students apply art, marketing and business skills

This video was directed, edited and produced by Kaitlyn Stodola and Arts Street's elite student group.

The Challenge:

The amazing Stella Yu and Arts Street are back with an innovative program engaging youth artists, and teaching them marketing skills that will promote successful futures! Stella needs your help to raise funds for art supplies and youth stipends so these exceptional young virtuosos in training can create artwork, market it, and sell it at the Arts Street booth during this September’s art festival in downtown Denver.

The Youth Artist Entrepreneur project at Arts Street will train 5 - 7 youth during August and September 2013 to produce visual art, outreach to other youth artists, manage exhibition and sales, marketing and PR of the upcoming "16th Street Mall Festival of Arts" on Sept 21, 22. As part of the Denver Art District on Santa Fe, Arts Street has a booth to showcase youth artists. Metro youth under 24 are encouraged to come and market their own work with no entry fees. The booth, Clothesline Art, will be easy for youth to participate.


How Much?




August 1st - September 15th, 2013



  • Provide Art Supplies to youth in Arts Street's on-going Saturday Bad Day Studio program
  • Booth exhibit preparation expenses
  • 5 Youth will work to organize and manage the Denver Arts Festival booth at the event


Extra Funds Use:

  • More kids can be involved to work for stipends on this project or future projects (It's the #1 motivator for youth to "Learn and Earn.")


Item Cost
Art supplies, marketing, event set up $600
Snacks $200
Youth Stipends (5 @ $100 ea.) $500
Transportation $100
Administration and Management $600
Total $2000


Cover photo by messycupcakes via Flickr. Creation Commons: Some rights reserved.

Challenge Leader

Stella Yu

An ant can lift up to 50 times its own body weight. A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of nickel, sometimes even smaller. A single ladybug will eat more than 5000 aphids (a creature roughly ¼ its size) in its lifetime.

Project Info

Arts Street

Stella Yu founded Arts Street to engage students in the arts, expression and freedom.