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Help Arts Street offer at-risk youth a brighter, more artistic future

Beautify the Mount View Youth Services Center

The Challenge:

Let's fund the creation of an inspirational, educational and life-affirming mural at the Mount View Youth Services Center. The program will teach incarcerated youth at Mount View how to utilize their creativity, plan and oversee a project, apply their skills and abilities constructively. It will give them something to be proud of. This mural will be an expression of the dreams and hopes of these youth, serve as a reason for them to set goals, and as a reminder of a future beyond Mount View, where freedom is a reward for respecting our common rights. Measuring 10 ft x 3.5 ft, the mural will be painted on-site and be completed in October, 2012.

How Much?

$1,000 is all it takes!


September 30, 2012

Art is about more than putting paint to canvas or pen to paper. Art is ultimately about self-expression. For the youth of Mount View Youth Services Center, self-expression can be a powerful tool in their efforts to rejoin society. For some, it was never encouraged before, but as these youth work to turn their lives around, it’s essential that we nurture their talents and passions. Mount View lost their Art Teacher due to budget cuts two years ago, so students there no longer have an outlet for their creativity.

Stella Yu and Arts Street are partnering with Mount View to offer youth an appropriate outlet for self-expression and the development of 21st century work skills resulting in a more positive and productive citizen upon their return to the community. This Challenge will benefit all of the students currently living at Mount View, and will be a permanent installation for years to come, impacting countless at-risk youth with a positive message of perseverance and social responsibility. Arts Street will work with 5 - 8 youth artists from Mount View who will participate directly in the design and creation of mural, creating a sense of pride, and a bridge to society outside the facility, for the entire student body.

This mural has the potential to affect hundreds of kids who have spent their lives feeling that opportunity was a concept for other people, but not for them. Your donation, large or small, will make a huge difference for at-risk youth in Colorado. By working together here, we can reverse the cycle of self-hate and doubt that alters lives for the worse. These students, no matter their age are still blank canvases, and we have a responsibility to paint a brighter future for them.

Please pitch in however you can, and pass this along to friends, family and anyone else!

Thank you,

Stella Yu, Arts Street and Mount View Youth Services Center


  • 200 youth aged 10 - 20 immediately (with years of future service)
  • 5 - 8 youth artists will plan, design, and create the mural

The Price:

Teaching Hours @$25/hr 16


Planning Hours (Teacher) @$15/hr 10


Program Coordination @$30/hr

(Includes: teacher training, curriculum development, payroll, insurance, supervision, travel)



Art Supplies (brushes, paints, sealant)  






Bonus Money Use & Long-term Goals

  • First $150 of Extra funds (above $1000) allocated to future Challenge
  • Excess funds will be allocated to future educational services at the Arts Street Accelerator.
  • 5-year plan: Encourage the students in new media technology as a means of communication, such as graphics, web development, video, phone apps, cognitive media, GIS and Dynamic Mapping.
  • Development of more programs that will link the community to higher education institutions and corporations who need a creative and competent workforce with up-to-date computer literacy.
Challenge Leader

Stella Yu

An ant can lift up to 50 times its own body weight. A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of nickel, sometimes even smaller. A single ladybug will eat more than 5000 aphids (a creature roughly ¼ its size) in its lifetime.

Project Info

Arts Street

Stella Yu founded Arts Street to engage students in the arts, expression and freedom.