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Access Gallery 2011

Start date: 
Wednesday, November 30, 2011
End date: 
6 years 5 months ago

Plant the seeds of creativity! Provide art supplies to budding young artists!

Access Gallery needs your help to keep its disable youth art programs going.

Update: We were successful! There will be art supplies for our students! Thanks to everyone who pitched in.

We aim to provide supplies and support for ongoing art studios for young artists with disabilities to create original sellable artwork. By providing space, mentors, supplies, and instruction, these young artists have venues to earn money. Often this is the first time some of these artists have earned their own money. 

On a personal note this is important to me because I see what even a small opportunity can do for a kid that may be "lost" otherwise. When I was a teen I was given an opportunity that honestly changed my life and set me on the course I am on today. I see what some of these kids can do with pencils and lined paper - there is so much opportunity when they are given good tools and materials. Honestly we find that many of the kids that come to us already have some great drawing skills as they have been sitting in the back of the classroom doodling for years. We know that many of them will never be professional artists but the opportunity to be taken seriously and have someone show interest and provide real resources is huge for these teens.

Teens in our Artworks program are living with disabilities and are transitioning from high school but are probably not going to college. Most of our kids have learning disabilities or other intellectual challenges that have caused them to have difficulties in an academic environment. We find by providing access to materials, supplies, instruction and encouragement we can bring out the "inner artist" in many of these kids. We typically work with about 80 teens through the year.

Budget: $500

We primarily need quality art supplies and find that for every 25 dollar matched we will be able to supply one more teen with a basic art kit. When the project ends they will be able to keep the supplies and we will continue to accept artwork from them for the Artomat machine, eventually our hope would be for them to become full fledged artomat artists and have the work distributed across the country.


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Challenge Leader

Damon McLeese

Were this the Eighteenth Century, a time of horse-drawn carriages and omnibuses; a time of conservatories and traveling musicians and artists, Damon McLeese may well have conducted seminars while seated in a high-back, hand-riveted, velvet chair.

Project Info

Access Gallery

Access Gallery isn’t a gallery in the wine and cheese way. Access Gallery is a school, and all of the artists featured within (and working within) its walls are disabled.