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Together, we raised $3,585(120% of our $3,000 target.)

let's break it down:

35 community members gave about $97 each, for $3,385 in total Community Contributions.

Beanstalk Foundation seeded this fundraiser with $200. Together, our wonderful partners gave $200.


what people say:

I’m very happy we had folks step up to make sure our Veteran families will have a great time and possibly forget the challenges they face for a brief period.
Izzy Abbass

Beanstalk's take:

Operation Holiday Heroes' fundraiser through Beanstalk was a rousing success. We saw boosts in donations concurrent with an email blast, and with a holiday VFW event. Truly generous folks from Colorado's Veteran community came together to contribute more than $3000 to make the holidays better for veterans and their families. Thank you to the dozens of donors who gave in person as well. They are not counted amid the 35 donors listed above because their contributions were made in a lump sum following the event.  Izzy's inspiring character and hard work, combined with Dana Niemela's loving planning were integral to making this happen. In short, we did it. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Happy Holidays!

how we reached out:

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    • Friday, November 15, 2013

community impact results:

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    Veterans and their families
    will have a brighter holiday season.