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Promoting health and wellness for everyone, including facilitating rehabilitation from addiction.

Organizations & Leaders

Firefly Autism

Jesse Ogas

Firefly Autism is a Denver-based 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness for and serving children and family affected by autism.

The Wayfaring Band

Pavel Reppo

The Wayfaring Band equips young adults who experience special needs as well as emerging thought leaders with the social tools to deftly navigate the diverse needs of a global community. They offer road trips, social programs, and leadership for hire.

WINGS Foundation, Inc.

Jenny Stith

The WINGS Foundation has been working to break the cycle, and heal the wounds, of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) since 1982. They provide education, advocacy and support to adult survivors, loved ones, providers and communities.

Phoenix Multisport

Scott Strode

Phoenix Multisport’s mission is to foster a supportive, physically active community for individuals who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse and for those who choose to live a sober life.

Energy Resource Center

Howard Brooks

Since 1979, the Energy Resource Center has been working with Colorado Springs Utilities as well as other utility providers and nonprofits in El Paso, Elbert, Douglas, Fremont and Teller counties.

Project Sanctuary

Heather Ehle

Heather Ehle's Project Sanctuary understands that everyone in a military family serves... even if they aren’t deployed.

Courageous Women, Fearless Living

Adana Barbieri

Courageous Women, Fearless Living, run by Adana Barbieri with support from the Shambhala Mountain Center, helps women with cancer discover the courage to be fearless in the midst of their cancer journey.

Produce for Pantries

Dana Miller

Produce for Pantries unites the best and brightest of Denver’s fighters for healthier lives and sustainable foods. The superheroic superteam includes: Grow Local, Cooking Matters, Plant a Row for the Hungry, St.

Adam's Camp

Karel Horney

Adam’s Camp is a different kind of Summer Camp that serves young people (age 1 - 26) with developmental disabilities. Executive Director Karel Horney says, "The focus is on abilities." At Adam's Camp, everyone gets to be involved.

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