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The Rise School of Denver

Rise and Shine

The Rise School of Denver raises the bar on early childhood education

The Rise School of Denver provides unparalleled educational services to young children of diverse skill levels. Through collaboration with therapists, local universities, and families, Rise ensures that students with developmental and learning disabilities receive instruction that will prepare them to succeed in primary school and beyond. The Rise School also advocates for educational reform and change in Colorado and nationwide.

Making Strong Starts

Meghan Klassen knows the value of a bold beginning

Meghan Klassen was lucky to have educational opportunities galore, and to be raised by a family of strong ethic and moral standards. As a younger person, her connection to her faith, and her experience in serving the community broadened her perception of the world. With every minute of service, she saw how essential the service was, and how much more service would always be in demand.

Although she studied journalism in undergraduate school, she was always drawn to working with young children. A service experience in college led her to realize her calling. She got certified to teach both special ed and bilingual ed in the state of Texas, where she attended graduate school for Early Childhood Special Education. She began working with children with developmental disabilities, and right then Meghan’s heart overflowed and her spirit glowed bright. This was the work for her.
She took a position as a teacher at the Rise School in Austin, TX. There, Meghan worked with children with developmental disabilities, offering them custom education and care (as is core to the Rise School model), and working with families to ensure her students had the best possible pre-K education possible.
After six years in Austin, Meghan moved back home to Denver. (That’s right, she’s a native!) She began working at Rise School of Denver, as a Lead Teacher. In 2011, she took on the opportunity to lead Rise as its Executive Director. Now, she serves her entire Rise community from families, to students, to teachers, and staff and board, and beyond. Meghan wouldn’t have it any other way, either. The rewards in giving back, and giving young kids a strong start, create the kind of fortune no amount of money could buy.
Meghan is so dedicated, that her two children attend Rise also. Service, it seems, is a family affair, and we’re sure that Meghan’s “apples” won’t fall far from the tree.