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past fundraiser
by Susan Stocks
for Brunch With A Purpose

Brunch With A Purpose 2012 is on!

12.3.12 - As you can see, BWAP 2012 is already a MAJOR success. The folks at NetSuite's office in Denver have pitched in about $16,000! The Brunch also has a location, at the offices of PorchLight Real Estate at 8th and Broadway. Susan is hoping to sponsor as many as 80 kids this year! Check out for more info.

past fundraiser
by Adam Brock, Coby Gould
for The GrowHaus

Help build the GrowHaus and usher in the agriCulture of the future

The Challenge

Help Adam Brock, Coby Gould and the GrowHaus team upgrade their facilities, put an end to rent, and build a beautiful living classroom!

How Much?



September 27, 2012

past fundraiser
by Arlan Preblud
for We Don't Waste

Help We Don't Waste buy 4 new tires and keep their food delivery van rollin'

7.6.12 - We Don't Waste's challenge is now closed. Exceptional news: Due to some wonderful check donations, Arlan and team have exceeded the original $650 goal! They'll be ridin' safe and sound on 4 new tires, with money to spare for maintenance! Thank you to each and every contributor! This is the community good in action.

past fundraiser
by Brad and Libby Birky
for SAME Cafe

Help Brad and Libby Birky's beautiful restaurant keep rolling with assorted organic beans

7.9.12 Thanks to your community generosity, we're sending SAME 12-packs of Black, Pinto, Navy and Garbanzo beans. Pay them a visit soon for your chance to taste this victory.

6.30.12 We've done it! Thank you to everyone who helped out. SAME Cafe will have tons of delicious beans, on us.

past fundraiser
by Deb Deverell
for Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Help us make the student-teacher experience at Crow Canyon more tech-savvy.

6.18.12 - Today, Deb's Challenge closed. It was a brilliant success, even exceeding the original goal! Thank you so much to each and every donor, and to anyone and everyone who spread the word! We'll update you with information, photos, and possibly video too, about the Mimio Board system in action as soon as it is available.

past fundraiser
by Ramsay Stabler
for St. Elizabeth's School

Join Ramsay Stabler in bringing 20 violins to the students of St. Elizabeth’s School!

3.4.13 A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hanging out with some of St. Elizabeth's students while they practiced/learned their violins. Check out the special Thank You video above. - Nate

5.7.12 @Karen Krall: We'll be working with Ramsay and St. Elizabeth's to bring you follow-up video just as soon as the violins are ready, in-tune, and the students are comfy playing! - Nate Ragolia, Beanstalk


past fundraiser
by Candice Orlando
for Urbiculture Community Farms

Urbiculture Community Farms wants to teach students about healthful food through hands on gardening, and to start a summer education program!

8.23.12 Check out this Success Story from the Columbian Elementary Garden Project!

5.30.12 Carol Dawson would like to say: "I'm very grateful to Molly Ross for making a donation in my name. Thank you, Molly!"

past fundraiser
by Denise Lines
for Growing Colorado Kids

Make our growing season longer and our kids' smiles wider!

Enjoy a special thank you from Denise and some of GCK's youth:


past fundraiser
by Damon McLeese
for Access Gallery

Access Gallery needs your help to keep its disable youth art programs going.

Update: We were successful! There will be art supplies for our students! Thanks to everyone who pitched in.

past fundraiser
by Susan Stocks
for Brunch With A Purpose

Brunch With A Purpose 2011 is on.

Update: We reached our goal! BWAP 2011 was a complete success!

past fundraiser

Join in as we strive to eradicate homelessness through the power of street newspapers.

Upa: We did it! We raised 49% more than we set out to, ensuring that the VOICE and its vendors can enjoy continued success! Thanks for all your help!***


I will begin describing the purpose of this project by first sharing a music lyric with you.

I sing the song because I love the man, I know that some of you don’t understand…

past fundraiser
by Jim Tolstrup
for High Plains Environmental Center

Garth Bontranger and HPEC want to grow local food for those with the greatest need.

Update: With the help of the High Plains community, Agrium, and Cargill we were able to grow over 90,000 servings of vegetables for the Loveland Food Bank. We met lots of new friends and volunteers and had an amazing season. Thank you all for giving all that you did, we will see you next year!

past fundraiser
by Devin Riles
for Troop 444

Devin Riles, Brian Vogt and Denver Botanic Gardens want your help to get new camping equipment for Troop 444

Update: Well, what can we say? We were able to purchase the tent and stove and are excited to test them out soon! With this project, the boys in Boy Scout Troop 444 collected cans to raise enough money to replace our aging cook tent and stove. None of this would have been possible without the help of Brian Vogt and the Denver Botanic Gardens, who not only recognized our project but helped us financially.

past fundraiser
by Sister Tesa Fitzgerald
for Hour Children

Sister Tesa and Hour Children open a new play yard for kids and families

Update: It's a win! The yard is funded and Hour Children will have a safe, fun place to play! Thank you everyone!

"We transformed a blah into an ah," says Sister Tesa.  "This is where you can see love in action; Hour Children is a can-do organization."