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SAME Fridge and Ice Machine

Cold Ice, Cool Food and Warm Meals for SAME Cafe!

Brad and Libby Birky need new appliances to become energy efficient and extra food friendly.

Update: The project was a huge success. We raised the money necessary to replace our old, run down ice machine and fridge. It was exciting to see people from all different walks of life support this campaign. New and old friends of SAME came out to support us. What's even more exciting is that we were nominated, and consequently chosen, for a full kitchen remodel courtesy of the Restaurant Facility Management Association, a nonprofit coalition of food service managers and owners. The remodel will include a sixty-inch double oven with a griddle top, a ten-foot island and prep table, and and under-counter dishwasher, all of which will help SAME serve more people and expand their offerings to the community. Head on over to RFMA's Facebook page and let them know what an amazing initiative this is! With newer appliances we are able to lower our monthly energy bills, thus giving us more capital to feed more people in Denver who are in search of a good, healthy meal and couldn't afford it otherwise. Come down to see the new ice machine today (it makes delicious pellet ice) or wait until January to check out the full remodel!

In order to continue our mission of helping to feed all people, regardless of financial means, we are hoping to purchase Earth-friendly, Energy Star appliances for our café. We are excited to expand our commitment to the environment at SAME Café, and we already utilize a seasonal, organic, local menu–straight from local farms like Granata Farms and Denver Botanic Gardens. We are also 100% wind-powered, compost, recycle, and reduce food waste by serving in flexible portions, and all of our to-go containers are compostable or recyclable.

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t end there: we are working hard to be a green restaurant by converting all of our older equipment to more efficient appliances. Our old ice machine uses a lot of electricity, as do our older refrigerators. This will not only make us greener, it will save money and let us provide good food for the greater good. We are excited to have SM Energy as a partner in this endeavor. For every dollar donated to our Energy Efficient campaign, SM Energy will match two dollars up to $5,000.


To start, we will be purchasing the following energy efficient appliances:

1. Manitowac Q-0270 Undercounter Ice Cube Machine ($5000)

2. True (T-49DT-4) - 55" Solid Half-Door Dual Temperature Reach-In Refrigerator ($5,100)


Challenge Leader

Brad and Libby Birky

If life were a movie, Brad and Libby Birky may well have wandered the Rockwellian townscapes of central Illinois, that hosted their upbringings, with some charming indie rock song playing in the air around them as a soundtrack.

Project Info


Brad and Libby Birky moved from Illinois to Denver in 2002, and the couple decided to open a restaurant on East Colfax called SAME Cafe. SAME is an acronym for So All May Eat, and its built to eradicate hunger and serve people in need of a healthful meal.