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SAME Cafe iPad

Bring the FUTURE to SAME Cafe!

Help Brad and Libby get iPad for SAME Cafe

7.29.13 - SAME's iPad Challenge is closed. Since they've reached their goal, and all the monies raised are essential "gravy" we're giving them a 100%. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

7.26.13 - We have a BIG announcement! Special thanks to Bill Morris, Blue Star Recyclers, and the Mac Superstore in Colorado Springs who have teamed up to provide SAME Cafe with an iPad! 

All existing and forthcoming donations will go toward necessary app purchases, data service and WiFi! 


The Challenge:

SAME Cafe needs a new (or gently used) iPad for use at our front counter to help collect survey data, track customer counts and food inventory, and control costs. The iPad will also be used to accept credit card payments. This technological addition to SAME Cafe will allow Brad, Libby and volunteers to learn, track and improve the way they provide delicious, organic meals to all who visit.

SAME would love to receive donations up to $850 or more, which would allow them to buy a new 64GB Wi-Fi and Cellular iPad. They are also willing to receive an in-kind donation of a new or used iPad with those specifications. This is a really unique opportunity to help two wonderful leaders, and truly inspiring entrepreneurs in local food service, improve and develop they way they operate SAME.

If you want to donate the iPad to SAME Cafe, contact Beanstalk by email: nate (at) We'll follow up and make it happen!


How Much?

$850 or a 64 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad, whichever comes first!



July 29th, 2013



  • SAME Cafe becomes more efficient and more knowledgeable
  • Collect survey data, track customer counts and food inventory, and control costs


Extra Funds Use:

Paying monthly data plan fees



QTY 1 - 64GB iPad    $850

Challenge Leader

Brad and Libby Birky

If life were a movie, Brad and Libby Birky may well have wandered the Rockwellian townscapes of central Illinois, that hosted their upbringings, with some charming indie rock song playing in the air around them as a soundtrack.

Project Info


Brad and Libby Birky moved from Illinois to Denver in 2002, and the couple decided to open a restaurant on East Colfax called SAME Cafe. SAME is an acronym for So All May Eat, and its built to eradicate hunger and serve people in need of a healthful meal.