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SAME Cafe Beans & Beans

Stock the SAME Cafe shelves with Beans!

Help Brad and Libby Birky's beautiful restaurant keep rolling with assorted organic beans

7.9.12 Thanks to your community generosity, we're sending SAME 12-packs of Black, Pinto, Navy and Garbanzo beans. Pay them a visit soon for your chance to taste this victory.

6.30.12 We've done it! Thank you to everyone who helped out. SAME Cafe will have tons of delicious beans, on us.

6.27.12 Via some truly spectacular 11th Hour love, we've hit and exceeded our goal! SAME Cafe will get all the beans we planned on, and hey, a package or two more! There's still time to donate, with a little over 2 days left. Thank you to the wonderful donors who've kicked in so far!

The Challenge:

Why are we here today? Specifically: Beans. (Get it? Beans. Beanstalk Foundation. Huh?) We're hoping to get two packages each of Eden Organic black beans, Eden Organic pinto beans, and Eden Organic navy beans to benefit SAME Cafe and Brad and Libby Birky. Each package contains 12 15-oz. cans of beans, which means with just this small challenge, they'll be in beans for a long time. Those beans will go directly to the mouths and stomachs of SAME's hungry customers. It's a small request, we know, but it would help SAME out for weeks.


How Much?

$150 (including shipping charges)



June 30th, 2012

You probably know SAME Cafe's mission already (it's on their homepage) but if you don't here it is:

"Everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy food while being treated with dignity. Good food for the Greater Good."

They offer incredible, organic, healthful meals daily to customers at their East Colfax location. The kicker is that they use a pay-what-you-can model. If you can't pay for your meal, you volunteer in the cafe for an hour. If you can pay, well, you pay what you can. SAME needs beans for their stock, to keep making great soups, salads for their customers.


The Price:

*Note: The prices for these packages of beans vary based on sales. Prices below are best estimates for breakdown at time of Challenge. Any additional funds raised over the $150.00 goal will go toward more beans. We might even be able to spring for Garbanzos ($39+ per 12-pack).

2 12-pack 15oz. cans Eden Organic Black Beans (@ 26.32 ea.) $52.64
2 12-pack 15oz. cans Eden Organic Pinto Beans (@ 20.04 ea.) $40.08
2 12-pack 15oz. cans Eden Organic Navy Beans (@ 21.12 ea.) $42.24
Shipping $15.00
TOTAL $149.96

Cover photo by pizzodisevo on Flickr via Creative Commons

Challenge Leader

Brad and Libby Birky

If life were a movie, Brad and Libby Birky may well have wandered the Rockwellian townscapes of central Illinois, that hosted their upbringings, with some charming indie rock song playing in the air around them as a soundtrack.

Project Info


Brad and Libby Birky moved from Illinois to Denver in 2002, and the couple decided to open a restaurant on East Colfax called SAME Cafe. SAME is an acronym for So All May Eat, and its built to eradicate hunger and serve people in need of a healthful meal.