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Hour Children After-School Upgrades

Give Hour Children's After-School Program a boost!

Help us raise $10,000 to get new essential equipment for Hour Children

The Challenge: 

Hour Children's After-School program needs some love to be its best. With that in mind, the Hour Children Junior Board is asking for your help to raise $10,000 for new equipment and supplies. Their comprehensive wishlist of items, with reasoning for each one appears below. Please offer your help to give some truly wonderful, deserving children the After-School program that can make a massive difference in their young lives.
1. Refrigerator – We serve snack and drinks each day, and several times during holiday and summer camp. Usually, snacks include fresh fruit, yogurt and juice or water. Our old refrigerator has served us well for many years, but is old and unreliable. 
2. Flat screen television (DVD player/Cabinet) - The children in our program are active and engaged in a variety of enrichment activities. However, from time to time, we show DVD’s that impart a positive message and/or have academic value. 
3. Three (or more) Laptop Computers – More and more, technology is being considered a key component of any childhood learning program. Similarly, programs that serve children are frequently evaluated by the quality of their technology and the extent to which it is utilized in learning. We would like to build a computer lab for our afterschool program. Our goal is to start with at least three laptops (teacher+2 student computers). However, we would gladly welcome as many as we could afford.
4. Microwave Oven – The microwave oven that heated up food for our children came to us as a donation. Being at least thirty years old, it served us well until it simply stopped working. A new, large oven would make it possible for us to continue serving soup, popcorn and cocoa, especially on cold winter afternoons. 
5. Smartboard – Many schools have phased out blackboards in favor of large, interactive white boards. Hooked up to a computer, these boards enable a teacher to access the internet with an entire group of children, show DVD’s, display PowerPoint presentations, and engage students in a broad array of highly visual learning activities.
6. Bookcases – Our afterschool program’s library lives in three donated bookcases that are long overdue for replacement. Sturdy, matching bookcases will emphasize to our children the beauty of books and the necessity of reading.
7. Activities Cart - We are in need of a shelved cart on wheels that would enable our teacher to move needed supplies for activities throughout the center easily and safely.
8. Outdoor Play Supplies –During the spring and summer months, we try to ensure that our children spend time outdoors. Outdoor games and equipment would encourage physical activity and make it more appealing to our children. We do not have much but envision being able to provde jump ropes, whiffle ball sets soccerballs, basketballs, footballs, a parachute, cones, and yoga mats.
9. Large Bulletin Boards – Having just repainted our classroom, we wish to ensure that it remains attractive and clean going forward. Three large bulletin boards (48 x108) would enable the teacher to decorate seasonally, post announcements for parents, and display the children’s work. 
10. Trips – The staff of Hour Children’s after-school program makes every effort to expose the children to the richness of cultural and ethnic diversity in the greater-New York area. However, the cost of certain worthwhile activities makes them prohibitive to our families. A fund would make it possible for us to increase the number and variety of trips that the children can take at no cost to their parents.

How Much?



June 27, 2014


  • Hour Children After-School Program participants will have a more efficient, educational program experience.
  • Volunteers and child-care takers will have access to equipment and tools that make teaching easier.
  • Hour Children's Summer Programs, and other programs will also benefit from the use the equipment and supplies.



Refrigerator $700
Flat Screen Television $800
DVD Player $200
TV Cart/Cabinet $300
3 Laptop Computers $3000
Microwave Oven $300
Smartboard $2000
Bookcases $1000
Activities Cart $200
Outdoor Play Equipment $500
Trips Fund $1000
TOTAL $10000


Extra Funds Use: 

Any additional funds raised will go toward providing language, dance and yoga lessons for the kids.
Challenge Leader

Sister Tesa Fitzgerald

Teresa Fitzgerald is a pure New Yorker. She works in Long Island City in Queens. She talks fast. She thinks fast. She acts fast. Even when she smiles, Teresa Fitzgerald gets things done. Teresa Fitzgerald also spends her days hanging out in prisons.

Project Info

Hour Children

In 1986, Sister Teresa Fitzgerald and four other Sisters of St. Joseph led the opening of St. Rita’s Convent’s doors. They welcomed the children of imprisoned women.