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Grow Local 2011

Seed Denver's City Gardens with local food!

Grow Local Colorado's Dana Miller and Barbara Masoner plant crops to make food local and sustainable.

Update: WE DID IT! With your help, we were able to plant, maintain and harvest vegetable gardens in existing flower plots all over Denver. Of course, we weren't alone. Each plot was adopted by neighbors, who weeded, watered, and chose which food bank they would go to. The sense of ownership really made each garden special, thank you to everyone who helped!

Our goal for Denver Park’s gardens is to demonstrate that vegetable gardens can be attractive and productive. Also, we build community by bringing a variety of groups and individuals together to care for a garden in their neighborhood. In turn they help those in need by providing healthy, fresh produce with a minimal carbon footprint. We hope to include more beds each year.

Grow Local provides a variety of solutions to various issues in Denver. Food banks and shelters continue to show an increase in demand, especially for fresh produce. Colorado’s population growth is displacing local farms. Food deserts exist in several of Denver’s communities. Shipping food across the country is a major contributor to climate change. Many Denverites have a disconnect between food and its sources. More and more urban residents are looking for land to grow food. Individuals and businesses connected with local food need to find each other. Grow Local is working on all these issues.

Partnering is the key to our success. A variety of organizations and individuals help spread the word and work while bringing new ideas to our table. Grow Local will continue growing its website, events and e-mail and Facebook presence to reach out to more people. In 2011 we plan to have a business or organization adopt each of our gardens in Denver Parks. In the next tow months we will find a partner for each site. Local nurseries are being contacted concerning a bulk rate for seedlings. Denver Botanic Gardens is providing garden designs for each of the parks. CSU Extension and Shalom Denver have already adopted GL gardens. We will provide volunteer training prior to and during the growing season.

We anticipate Beanstalk assisting with spreading the word about Grow Local. A video of our organization is a great tool for reaching more people and groups. We also hope to have assistance with raising funds for our ever-growing operation.


-Seedlings for Parks and Recreation beds is our biggest cost. With an average of 150-200 plants per bed (13 total), and seedlings costing $2 each, we are looking at $1,350.

-Signage for each bed (total 13 – 4 left from last year = 9 signs x $150 = $1,350).

-Brochures (artwork and design donated) $300 for printing.


Challenge Leader

Barbara Masoner

Barbara Masoner is a Denver native. She’s the program coordinator at Grow Local Colorado, but she’s also a historian, a writer, an environmentalist and a life-long cultivator of botany both edible and elegant.

Project Info

Grow Local Colorado

Grow Local Colorado has been tilling, planting and watering to harvest since 2009.