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GCK Greenhouse

$2 223.00
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Monday, April 2, 2012
End date: 
6 years 1 month ago
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The Beanstalk Foundation is happy to seed this Challenge with $600!

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Get us a Greenhouse!

Make our growing season longer and our kids' smiles wider!

Enjoy a special thank you from Denise and some of GCK's youth:


5.14.12 - The Challenge is officially closed. It was a great success! We reached our goal well within the timeframe, receiving 109% funding ($2423 and change) via 23 wonderful community donors! Thank you! And look for more follow up footage and additional stats soon!


5.8.12 - We met our initial goal last week, but with 5 days left, we can still use your help! Additional money raised will go toward:

  • Buying a heater and other accessories for the Greenhouse

  • Creating a CSA at our new site and expanding the farm

Thank you so much for your support!


The Challenge

We're buying a greenhouse to make Growing Colorado Kids Gardening Programs possible YEAR-ROUND!

How Much?

$2223.00 (details below)


May 14, 2012

After a truly successful 2011, the Growing Colorado Kids are ready to get started again. Our phenomenal youth have been working hard in gardens around town each growing season since 2008. They have just finished inventorying our garden tools and starting some seeds for the Spring and we’re all really excited to work on this year’s goals. Our youth leader, Amina, all the members of GCK have come up with a great first Challenge.

Since the growing season in Colorado can be pretty limited by long winters and early-ending autumns, we’ve decided to build a greenhouse. The greenhouse will allow us to start seedlings,  plant, garden and harvest all year long. And it will give the youth of GCK a chance to try growing fruits and vegetables from their native countries too. We’ve already talked about Mangoes, Apples and TONS of other options. But beyond extending the growing season, this greenhouse will let the kids get together year-round to work on a project they can be proud of. It's a way for them to continue growing and learning within the community, even if Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate.

We’ve got just the greenhouse picked out! It will provide adequate space for the youth to plant and start seeds, as well as a lot else. Here are the specs:


  • 12’ x 12’ pre-fab
  • 2-1/2" galvanized steel and welded frames
  • Hard plastic siding
  • Sliding Window
  • Heater
  • Installation of base

The Price

$2223.00 (This includes the cost of the delivery!)

Bonus Money Use & Long-term Goals:

  1. Purchasing an additional heater for the greenhouse
  2. Building a single farm at the new GCK location in Commerce City
  3. Create a CSA at the new location
Challenge Leader

Denise Lines

Denise Lines was your average, amiable, delightful, neighbor. Well, she wasn’t average. Not really. Denise worked at Mercy Housing, helping to provide affordable, safe and quality homes to people and families with the greatest need.

Project Info

Growing Colorado Kids

Growing Colorado Kids, led by local lioness Denise Lines affords refugees in Denver’s neighborhoods that chance to seize the opportunities alluded to in one of our nation’s most notable claims.