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CJSF's iCare Package Drive

Help families affected by suicide heal

Donate to provide iCare packages of valuable resources to Colorado families touched by suicide

The Challenge: 

When a family loses a loved one to suicide, they often feel alone in their grief as they try to make sense out of the unimaginable.  Many times the communities that care about them are at a loss of what to say or do, but know their friends need an embrace of care during this very challenging time. Carson J Spencer Foundation created their iCare Packages to let families know that there is a community who supports them.

Help Carson J Spencer Foundation raise $1500 to provide 30 iCare Packages ($50 each) to families all over Colorado. Each iCare Package contains: books to assist the bereaved, and lists of community support groups and other organizations that exist to help people through the very difficult crisis of losing a loved one to suicide. 
Generous authors and publishers have donated or significantly discounted their books to support this effort, but we still need funding to make these Packages possible.

Pitch in today to support the iCare Package program. Your donations will directly impact the lives of families touched by suicide. 


How Much?





November 11, 2014



  • 30 iCare Packages will be provided to 30 Colorado families impacted by suicide


"iCare packages, I know first hand, offer comfort and hope for those recipients that have experienced the loss of a loved one at the hands of suicide.  I have received and carried this gift forward.  There are often no words to console those left, so the iCare packages create a gesture of caring that is so appreciated at such a difficult time. A truly valuable resource offered by the Carson J Spencer Foundation." 


Shelly Rule


"I received an iCare Package after the death of my son by suicide in 2010.  The package itself was simple, but attractive.  Included inside were warm, comforting personal touches: bookmarks with other parents’ stories and a hand sewn heart.  The resource materials inside were not so many as to be overwhelming, but enough to be helpful.  The books included struck me as relevant and credible because they were chosen by other survivors who knew what I was experiencing.  The iCare Package helped me feel less alone in my sorrow.  I provide my own personal contribution to the iCare Packages now in hope of helping someone else feel less alone."

- Sue Roche

Challenge Leader

Sally Spencer-Thomas

Sally Spencer-Thomas was on the fast track to the career of her dreams. In 1995, she graduated with her Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Denver.

Project Info

Carson J Spencer Foundation

Sally Spencer-Thomas started the Carson J Spencer Foundation after her brother Carson died by suicide.