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Blue Star Recyclers New Truck Fundraiser

$25 000.00
Start date: 
Friday, April 18, 2014
End date: 
4 years 1 month ago
Donation Product: 
Seed funding: 
$5 000
Partner message: 

Interquest Rotary Club is proud to support Blue Star Recyclers.

Seed funding: 
$5 000
Partner message: 

Qualtek supports the incredible triple bottom line mission of Blue Star Recyclers.

Seed funding: 
$5 000
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This contribution is the combined support of the recycling event attendees! Colorado Springs supports Blue Star!

Match funding: 
$1 500
Match ratio: 
Partner message: 

Colorado Industrial Recycling, Inc. is proud to support Blue Star Recyclers.

A Ride for Ryan

We’re raising $25,000 to buy a new box truck for Blue Star’s terrific team!

Colorado Industrial Recycling have offered to match the first $1,500 (dollar for dollar) donated the last two days of the campaign -  from 12:01am Friday. May 16th through midnight Saturday. May 17th. Pitch in and let's get a Ride for Ryan!

The Challenge:

Blue Star Recyclers's aging collection truck needs replacing. Pick-up specialist Ryan, whose life has changed infinitely for the better since he began working on the truck, needs a new ride to keep him  both employed and growing. 
Beyond the improvements employment has made in Ryan's and his coworker’s lives, Blue Star also recycled 1.75 Million pounds of electronics in 2013. Hauling those electronics requires a reliable, hefty box truck.
Leader Bill Morris has a lead on a truck that will do the trick, but Blue Star needs your help to make it so. 

How Much?



May 19, 2014



  • Ryan keeps working, keeps growing and keeps living a happier, more fulfilling life
  • Blue Star continues its mission by hauling countless millions of pounds of e-waste
  • All other Blue Star employees continue doing work that offers them gainful employment and improved quality of life
Challenge Leader

Bill Morris

When making plans in life, it’s not uncommon to hear about the importance of the “two pictures”: big and small. Tricky thing is, it’s hard to look at both at the same time.

Project Info

Blue Star Recyclers

Blue Star Recyclers, in Colorado Springs, takes on the difficult and highly necessary task of recycling electronics.