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Arts Street Youth Arts Invest

Empower students in arts and technology!

Support Arts Street's Youth Arts Invest fund

In the photo above: Arts Street youth Diana and Miles learn ceramics for a community project.

The Challenge:

Help the amazing folks at Arts Street start a scholarship fund that will give students unique opportunities in applied art business. Through this campaign, Youth Arts Invest, you can show your support for Denver youth in workforce training and internship.

Here are some of the ways funding will be used: 

Skills Intensive Sponsorship - For $200 one youth participant will receive a weekend of intensive training. In these workshops, youth work with clients from local businesses to meet real business needs, discover creative careers, and earn a stipend.

Summer Program Sponsorship - For $500 one youth can participate in Arts Street's summer program, spending six weeks delving even deeper into creative and technical skills while working on industry-based projects. 

Funds donated to the Youth Arts Invest program will be utilized to make each of these levels of sponsorship available, as possible.



How Much?




July 15, 2015



  • Create arts education and career opportunities for local youth
  • Offer valuable workforce experience to young people
  • Investment in the future of Denver's arts and business culture
Challenge Leader

Stella Yu

An ant can lift up to 50 times its own body weight. A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of nickel, sometimes even smaller. A single ladybug will eat more than 5000 aphids (a creature roughly ¼ its size) in its lifetime.

Project Info

Arts Street

Stella Yu founded Arts Street to engage students in the arts, expression and freedom.