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Poverty & Homelessness organizations driven by remarkable leaders

Battling poverty and homelessness through opportunity, essential services, relationship building and more.

Organizations & Leaders

Bridge to Justice

Bruce Wiener

Bridge to Justice is a 501(c)(3) Colorado nonprofit organization that provides civil legal services to low- and moderate-income Coloradans who do not qualify for free legal aid. They deliver customized legal advice and services at significantly reduced rates.

Faith In Action Cathedral Learning Garden

Kris Stoever

Throughout Saint John’s rich history in Denver and on Capitol Hill, its leaders and members have long sought to serve the city not only within the Cathedral walls but also outside them. As the needs of the city have shifted, so too has Saint John’s shifted to meet those needs.

Energy Outreach Colorado

Jennifer Gremmert

Energy Outreach Colorado was established in 1989 as the only non-profit, 501(c)3 in the state that raises funds to help thousands of low-income Coloradans afford home energy and remain warm and safe in their homes.

Mi Casa Resource Center

Christine Marquez-Hudson

Mi Casa is among Colorado’s oldest and largest Latino-serving nonprofit organizations. Since 1976, Mi Casa has been dedicated to advancing the economic success of Latino and working families in the Denver Metro area.

Cafe 180

Catherine Clements

Cafe 180 was born when Catherine Clements, Libby Whitmore and Julie Mihevc went to SAME Cafe. They were so inspired by SAME’s mission of ending hunger and offering dignity to patrons of all walks on a pay-what-you-can basis that they decided then and there to bear the torch too.

Dolls for Daughters

Jessica Bachus

In 2007, Jessica Bachus started Dolls for Daughters, after her daughter Kenzi was stillborn. She created an annual holiday Toy Drive for Colorado children who would not otherwise have toys during the holidays. Today, Dolls for Daughters collects more than 20,000 toys, stocking stuffers, books, toothbrush/toothpaste kits and more.


Jayme Ritchie

Jayme Ritchie’s WeeCycle, an organization that weecycles (get it?) the baby gear that a family with older kids no longer needs and gets it to the new parents who need it most. Through WeeCycle, you can get a used stroller for your new kid, or a used crib, or a used (just about) anything.

EarthLinks, Inc.

Cass Cronan

Since 1996, EarthLinks has worked to help homeless and impoverished people in Denver, through workshops and educational programs that help them to transcend homelessness to rejoin society.

We Don't Waste

Arlan Preblud

We Don’t Waste is an innovative provider of food for the hungry. They collect unused food from venues, caterers, restaurants, and other food purveyors and distribute the food to Denver’s underserved populations.


Brad and Libby Birky

Brad and Libby Birky moved from Illinois to Denver in 2002, and the couple decided to open a restaurant on East Colfax called SAME Cafe. SAME is an acronym for So All May Eat, and its built to eradicate hunger and serve people in need of a healthful meal. SAME Cafe doesn’t charge for its meals in the traditional sense.

Brunch With A Purpose

Susan Stocks

Susan Stocks started Brunch With A Purpose in 2008. BWAP unites friends, neighbors, community leaders, restaurants and other sponsors to purchase holiday gifts for kids in the foster care system. BWAP wraps and delivers the gifts too, always keeping the gifter’s name anonymous.

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