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Organizations & Leaders

Minds Matter Denver

Savinay Chandrasekhar

Minds Matter, Inc. is a nationally recognized college access mentoring non-profit serving high-achieving, low income students in thirteen cities across the United States.

Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute

Rob Smith

The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) is a Community creating economic and social mobility through entrepreneurship. RMMFI helps curious people transform into serious entrepreneurs through skill building, mentorship, and microlending.

Shift Thrift Store

Mike Mazzola

Shift Thrift Store is a social enterprise existing to enhance the Colorado Springs Community by creating jobs, preserving the environment, promoting community involvement, and raising funds for charitable causes through recycling of household goods.


Jonathan Liebert

AspenPointe is a socially innovative healthcare company that provides solutions to some of Colorado Springs’s largest social needs such as access to healthcare, employment and education.

Mile High Youth Corps

Mile High Youth Corps is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that gives youth ages 16 to 24 a chance to earn an income and learn hands-on job skills while serving in their communities. In its first year, 20 youth served Denver neighborhoods through a single 10-week program.

Roots Colorado, Inc.

Lauren Thome Burgess

Roots Colorado, Inc. was established in 2008 by a dedicated small group of parents whose sons and daughters with developmental disabilities faced uncertain futures. They became a 501(c)3 in 2009.

Mi Casa Resource Center

Christine Marquez-Hudson

Mi Casa is among Colorado’s oldest and largest Latino-serving nonprofit organizations. Since 1976, Mi Casa has been dedicated to advancing the economic success of Latino and working families in the Denver Metro area.

Academy of Urban Learning

Katie Symons

The Academy of Urban Learning (AUL) is a Denver Public Schools' charter school that caters specifically to youth and younger adults in Denver (ages 16 - 21), working through grades 9 - 12, who are in at-risk, impoverished, and facing other difficult situations.

Blue Star Recyclers

Bill Morris

Blue Star Recyclers, in Colorado Springs, takes on the difficult and highly necessary task of recycling electronics. They make sure all the precious metals and elements in our computers, phones, DVD players and more, that should be reused, and redefined, don’t end up wasted in a landfill.

EarthLinks, Inc.

Cass Cronan

Since 1996, EarthLinks has worked to help homeless and impoverished people in Denver, through workshops and educational programs that help them to transcend homelessness to rejoin society.

The Beanstalk Foundation

Founded by Ted Stolberg and our Board of Directors in 2008, the Beanstalk Foundation is a publicly-funded 501(c)3 charitable organization. During a successful career in finance and equity management, Mr.

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