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Disabilities organizations driven by remarkable leaders

Benefiting adults and children with disabilities by providing life-changing, life-affirming, and life-improving experiences.

Organizations & Leaders

The Wayfaring Band

Pavel Reppo

The Wayfaring Band equips young adults who experience special needs as well as emerging thought leaders with the social tools to deftly navigate the diverse needs of a global community. They offer road trips, social programs, and leadership for hire.


Jonathan Liebert

AspenPointe is a socially innovative healthcare company that provides solutions to some of Colorado Springs’s largest social needs such as access to healthcare, employment and education.

Roots Colorado, Inc.

Lauren Thome Burgess

Roots Colorado, Inc. was established in 2008 by a dedicated small group of parents whose sons and daughters with developmental disabilities faced uncertain futures. They became a 501(c)3 in 2009.

Blue Star Recyclers

Bill Morris

Blue Star Recyclers, in Colorado Springs, takes on the difficult and highly necessary task of recycling electronics. They make sure all the precious metals and elements in our computers, phones, DVD players and more, that should be reused, and redefined, don’t end up wasted in a landfill.

Adam's Camp

Karel Horney

Adam’s Camp is a different kind of Summer Camp that serves young people (age 1 - 26) with developmental disabilities. Executive Director Karel Horney says, "The focus is on abilities." At Adam's Camp, everyone gets to be involved.

Access Gallery

Damon McLeese

Access Gallery isn’t a gallery in the wine and cheese way. Access Gallery is a school, and all of the artists featured within (and working within) its walls are disabled.

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