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Organizations & Leaders

Arts Street

Stella Yu

Stella Yu founded Arts Street to engage students in the arts, expression and freedom. It provides the opportunity to learn and create to youth whose school life or home life doesn’t afford them an easel, a box of colored pencils, and the space to get out of their heads and into their hearts.

Access Gallery

Damon McLeese

Access Gallery isn’t a gallery in the wine and cheese way. Access Gallery is a school, and all of the artists featured within (and working within) its walls are disabled.

Art from Ashes

Catherine O’Neill Thorn

Art from Ashes and Catherine O’Neill Thorn help young people and adults discover their voices through poetry and writing workshops. The program helps keep AfA participants off the streets, guiding them through transformational creative workshops wherein each attendee writes a poem, freely associating in 3 minutes.

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