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What's right with Colorado is right next door.

About the Beanstalk Foundation

The Beanstalk Foundation identifies, vets and uplifts remarkable neighborhood leaders. We believe that what’s right with Colorado is right next door. Every neighborhood has incredible residents who take the lead and solve tough problems, at a grassroots level. We know that great leaders inspire their communities, which is why we:

  • Work with social enterprises to maximize their success.
  • Provide leaders with a crowd-funding platform.
  • Deliver personal mentoring, care and attention.
  • Offer Personal support, Organizational guidance and Financial services to help nonprofits move toward sustainability.

How it works (better):

Vetted Leaders

Every Leader, Organization and Fundraiser on this site has been vetted. All leaders here have proven themselves successful in rallying their community, effectively using resources and donations, and making a long-lasting impact through their work. On this site, you back only the best.

Inside Stories

Beanstalk brings you the stories of our Leaders and their Organizations, through high-quality videos, and insightful reporting. We want you to connect with our Leaders, get to know them personally, and get in-depth updates on what’s right next door. 

High-Touch Help

Beanstalk exists only to help your Leaders succeed. Unlike most foundations, we don’t work through Grant applications or impersonal bureaucracy. Instead, we work one-on-one with each Leader, we listen and respond to their individual needs. Beyond crowd-funding, we offer fiscal-officership, online PR and marketing, social media assistance, mentoring, and best-practices guidance. We also help connect our Leaders to experts and influencers who can help them be more effective. We give each Leader what they need, how they need it, and we never work off a formula.  There is no cookie cutter in our kitchen drawer.

We’re Never Done

Beanstalk is always learning. We come into the office every morning excited and ready to discover new ways to support our leaders and donors, with better tools and new technologies.  

The Beanstalk Foundation:

Founded by Ted Stolberg and our Board of Directors in 2008, the Beanstalk Foundation is a publicly-funded 501(c)3 charitable organization. During a successful career in finance and equity management, Mr. Stolberg found that great companies had great leaders. The right CEO would hire the right management and they would hire the right staff. He decided to apply the theory to philanthropy, first by directly backing local leaders, then by engaging their communities. The Beanstalk Foundation has a long and successful history, but what matters most is our future, our leaders, and you. 

Our small, talented team works tirelessly to identify the best leaders so we can back them together. And our high-touch approach ensures that the Beanstalk Foundation is always a part of the community too. If we are successful, our leaders are successful, and that means that Denver is successful too. Beanstalk is our way of giving back, and if you want to help change philanthropy, we accept tips, and donations. We need your support, too, so check out the projects we’re working on now and decide if you’d like to help.

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